Commonsense Christianity

Commonsense Christianity

“God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” Yuck.

Wouldn’t you like to feel a bit more like this in your Christian life — sassy, classy, confident that you can walk straight onto the beach because God is with you there? Oddly, the less you depend upon yourself, the more confident you can be. Cadence, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas.


Okay, let’s find a Bible verse. Ready?

“God helps those who help themselves.”

I’ll give you a few minutes to look, but to save you time, you’ll find it in 2 Obligations 13: 36,  right before the “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” verse.

And if you’re looking for 2 Obligations, you won’t find that in the Bible anywhere, which means that you don’t have to incorporate it, or 1 Obligations, into your life. Neither of these statements, no matter how much they align with the way we believe in the U.S. culture into which I was born, is biblical or necessarily true.

But modern, materialist culture is firmly imbued with the idea that whatever success we achieve in life is due to our own efforts, and if we are not successful — i.e., wealthy — then it’s our fault because we’ve been lazy:


“Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” (Proverbs 10: 4)

Gosh, there must be a lot of lazy people in the world. And there sure are a lot rich people, who don’t look or act particularly kind, who must be Christians because they’re so successful.

Focus on the Whole, as Well as the Parts

When we read the Bible, it’s important to recognize that it’s a book, and the whole thing says something, not just individual verses that we cherry pick (or, in the case of our Obligations verses, invent out of nothing). And when you read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, you encounter several themes, one of which is that God is in control — of everything — and that includes our lives. To achieve success — which in His terms doesn’t necessarily translate into money — we need to cede to Him that control.


Listen to what God says about us, and Him:

“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.” (Isaiah 48: 17) While you’re at it, start with Isaiah chapter 40, and read all the way to 50 and beyond. Much of what the prophet is discussing there has to do with events that will happen 100 years hence from his writing, and three basic themes emerge:

Three Things to Think about

1) God not only knows the future, he plans and directs it. (I know — that’s a rough one to wrap our minds around, but He’s in complete control, or He’s not, And if He’s not, then who else is sharing power with Him?)


We are His people, holy and dearly beloved. Child of Eden, original oil painting by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

2) Idols — whether they are made of wood, bronze, or paper with the saying “In God We Trust” blazoned across the back — are powerless, so calling on them for help defies reason.

3) God’s people — the children of Abraham, who are not limited to the Hebrews of the 7th century B.C. but include the Christians of today (1 Peter 2: 9-10) — are dearly loved. Isaiah 43: 4 tells us, “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life.” I don’t know who the men in question are, but I do know that this sounds like a promise to ransom. You don’t put out resources for people who aren’t worth something to you.


Oh, That PLAN We Always Hear about

Many of us have heard the phrase, “God has a PLAN for your life,” (2 Obligations 16: 14), and while this in true — in the way that hard work is important — it misses the mark in the way all of Obligation’s verses do.

God has a plan, period. He Rules. He Rocks.

“I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form the light and create darkness. I bring prosperity and create disaster. I, the Lord, do all these things.” (Isaiah 45: 6-7)

And lest we think, “Well, Dang. He’s got a plan, I’m in it somehow, and I don’t have any say in the matter,” consider Isaiah 41: 13-14.


” . . . I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you. Do not be afraid . . . for I myself will help you.”

Your Dreams Are No Secret to God

I know you’ve got things you want to do. So do I. And God knows this; indeed, He created us with certain skills, abilities, desires and dreams. Isn’t it good to know, though, that it isn’t all on your shoulders, that it isn’t all dependent upon your cleverness and intelligence and resources and connections?

Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve run up against a brick wall — or a Red Sea — enough times to know that I am very finite in all the major ways: intelligence, resourcefulness, power, wisdom and the very ability to draw my next breath, and it’s good to know that Someone who isn’t limited at all, is holding my hand.


Thank You

Thank you for joining me at Commonsense Christianity, where I write about the challenges of actually living the words that we say we believe. Part of this challenge involves actually reading the words ourselves, and talking to God about them (prayer), as opposed to relying upon a weekly church service or books by Christian celebrities to learn about God.

If you go to church, that’s great — just don’t lapse into complacency that everything you’re told there is all that you need to know. God wants to talk to you directly, without any intermediaries.

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  • Carolyn Henderson

    I agree with you that orthodox Christianity has lost all commonsense! It is a religion of works, in which people are constantly striving to please a God who never tells them what they’re doing wrong, but rather, seems to delight in punishing them. The term, God helps those who helps themselves is nowhere in the Bible, but grounded in Puranical teachings that many hold dearer than the love, acceptance, grace, mercy, and teaching of Christ.

  • Tom Rhodes

    “Yuck”? This exemplifies how orthodox Christianity has lost all common sense, because it has been perverted into disallowing all self-responsibility. It believes that “God helps those who believe they are being punished for someone else’s sin (Adam), and who believe that they will be saved because another someone else (Jesus Christ) died for their sins.” Jesus Christ taught no such irrational doctrines. And if you want to discover true Christianity, read only His words in the New Testament. I also invite you to read my book The Holy Grail is Found, available through The hour is getting late. And if you don’t understand the true “Gospel,” the tremendously Good News of Jesus Christ, you will certainly reject the two witnesses of John’s Revelation, who are already among us.

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  • Carolyn Henderson

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, FigaroPho, and too many people operate with illness, PLUS being told that they are that way because they’ve “brought it on themselves.” This is a broken, fallen world, and bad things — sickness, pain, depression, hurt — are a part of it. The good news is supposed to be that Jesus, as our healer and loving Elder Brother, knows our pain and is with us through it, but too often this message is weakened, eclipsed, or distorted by our constantly being told, “It’s your fault. You deserve this.”

  • Kingdom Focused

    There are many reasons why one can become ill. Environment, lifestyle choices, spiritual issues such as unforgiveness, and yes even curses. If you don’t believe this ask anyone who lives over seas where curses are spoken like Africa, India etc.

    One thing to notice in scripture is that when the spiritual is addressed it opens the door for the physical. For instance when Jesus says your sins are forgiven in Mark 2:8 and then the man is healed. There are so many factors to healing. The authrority one has…Jesus gave the disciples to heal cast out demons. In Matthew 10:1. Etc. to many factors to its not as easy to say it’s just this or just that without knowing all the factors. That being said Jesus is a healer and still works miricals, Hope this helps, God Bless!!

  • FigaroPho

    Are you saying that people who are dying of cancer or suffering from manic depression aren’t really sick, they’re just not faithful or obedient enough to be “healed” and “delivered”? If so, that is utterly vile and extremely insulting. Human beings get sick, physically and mentally. It has nothing to do with how “good”, “bad”, “saved”, or “cursed” they are.

  • Vince Gotti

    Bless you for trying, Sergeant.

  • Vince Gotti

    Matthew 7: 7 talks about God helping those that help themselves. You are talkng about greed and lust, destroyer of men and nations..

  • Kingdom Focused

    The I want a new car poof… I get it doesn’t apply to Matthew 7:7. God answers those who pray “Thy Kingdom come THY will be done.” God helps those who are obedient and available. This applies to those that have already died to self and would only ask what pleases the Lord and His kingdom.

  • Guest

    The I want a new car poof I get it doesn’t apply to Matthew 7:7. God answers those who pray “Thy Kingdom come THY will be done.” God helps those who are obedient and available. This applies to those that have already dies to self and would only ask what pleases the Lord and His kingdom.

  • Vince Gotti

    Sheep are being led astray by worldly desires. Matthew 7:7 speaks of asking and receiving clearly.

  • Kingdom Focused

    What’s ironic is that when you read the whole bible, it says to seek HIM will all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Not make as much as you can while you can. God looks for two things availability and obedience. Both of which are in rare appearance in our fast paced world of self indulgence of fame (selfies), wealth, political correctness to gain status etc. Gods idea of success is to become one with the father the way Jesus was one with him. If the church was more like that we wouldn’t need hospitals because they would be healed. We wouldn’t need psychiatrist because people would be delivered, we wouldn’t need government because God would lead and protect us. We wouldn’t get offended because we realize we have already died to ourself. May Christians don’t like the die to flesh, sell your possessions to the poor, turn the other cheek message.

  • Vince Gotti

    One does not have to read the entire Bible to understand the moral of the story and of what it means. Most would not understand. I am sure you mean well. It is true that God helps those that help themselves. Preach what you practice.

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