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9-11 after 10: I resolve

posted by Aziz Poonawalla

We the People

I spent this day ten years ago in front of televisions and computer screens, transfixed and afraid. We were pregnant with our first child. But it was the day after I remember better, driving to work on a Houston highway with a sense of fear and, yes, terror about what the future would bring.

But I am also reminded of a feeling of hope that emerged afterwards, by today’s editorial in the NYT, which begins:

At first, there was only shock, grief and fear. But by the next evening there was something surprising in the air. Do you remember? It was an enormous, heartfelt desire to be changed. People wanted to be enlarged, to be called on to do more for country and community than ordinary life usually requires, to make this senseless horror count for something. It was also a public desire, a wish to be absorbed in some greater good, a reimagining of the possibilities in our national life. There was courage and unity on the streets of the city and all across the country, for we were all witnesses of that turning point.

Well, it took longer than the first evening for me, but yes I do remember. And that’s a feeling I haven’t felt since, but now resolve to feel daily. It’s time to rediscover that feeling about America and ourselves.

In that vein, I don’t begrudge today’s media for it’s overwhelming need to retrospect and introspect on this anniversary. George Will’s column for today closes with the observation,

Today, for reasons having little to do with 9/11 and policy responses to it, the nation is more demoralized than at any time since the late 1970s, when, as now, feelings of impotence, vulnerability and decline were pervasive. Of all the sadness surrounding this anniversary, the most aching is the palpable and futile hope that commemoration can somehow help heal self-inflicted wounds.

Well, maybe not so futile – if we mourn today, it is for what we were before 9-11. Ten years after, during which we seemed intent on exploring being everyone other than ourselves, it’s time to finally reclaim our confidence and our resolve about who we are as a nation and as a people.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Vern

    “The September 11th attack on America, in which devout Muslim
    believers carried out the greatest single jihad raid in history, and
    Muslims around the world cheered and danced in joy over this great
    blow to the infidel, should have awakened America and the West to the
    nature of the 1,400 year old warrior religion of Islam. Instead, while
    triggering a “war against terrorism,” the 9/11 attack inspired liberal
    America to embrace and approve of Islam much more than it had done
    before, even as Americans allowed themselves to be placed under
    permanent and humiliating security measures out of the liberal
    imperative to avoid the slightest hint of discrimination against

    These unexpected and devastating outcomes of 9/11 are perhaps the
    greatest single illustration of Auster’s First Law, which says that
    the more alien or dangerous a nonwhite or non-Western group reveals
    itself to be, the more our liberal society approves of it,
    accommodates itself to it, and forbids any criticism of it. To speak
    the truth about the unchangeable Islamic command to wage eternal war
    by violence and stealth against non-Muslims and about Muslims’ 1,400
    year long obedience to that command, is to place oneself outside the
    respectable mainstream. In America you don’t get put in jail for
    speaking the forbidden truth, you just lose your job and career. This
    is the reign of fear under which we live.

    In sum, the result of 9/11 has not been Western self-defense against
    Islam, but the prohibition of Western self-defense against Islam. And
    all the official 9/11 commemorations, notwithstanding their patriotic
    appearance, will carry that message of American and Western surrender.
    And that is why they should be avoided.”

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment thabet

    I have to say I am quite disappointed by this post. It seems you just want to sweep the horrors of the last decade under the carpet, so long as the victims are not American.

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    September 11 is the plans of American and Israeli Jews in particular those where the goal is to scapegoat the Muslims all over the world including the Asian people as in Indonesia and surrounding areas where the state is dominated Muslims

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