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miracle Qur’an baby or child abuse?

This is deeply disturbing to me:

Qrur'an miracle or child abuse? Quotations from Quran start appearing on the body of a 9-month boy named Ali from Kizlyar, Dagestan, his parents claim.

Birthmarks in form of Arabic scripts have been appearing on the baby’s body since his birth. First, there were individual letters, then texts and, according to local imams, these are texts from the Quran, the Vesti TV has reported on Thursday.

Thus, one of the baby’s legs has an inscription, “Allah is the creator of all things.”


“First, there was a hematoma on his chin. When the bruise went off, we saw the word “Allah,” Ali’s mother Madina Yakubova said.

Words similar to birthmarks show up on his shank and ankle usually on Monday and Friday and then disappear.

When new inscriptions are appearing, Ali doesn’t sleep all night long and has high temperature and even strong drugs cannot send it off.

The picture is horrific because the Qur’an phrases are so detailed and legible. I can’t see this being anything other than a case of child abuse. I can’t imagine what drives these parents to do something like this to their child – the discussion at Talk Islam suggested “Munchausen Syndrome“, but what concerns me more is how they are actually marking the baby. It looks like bruises to me.


This case is horrible and seems akin to the recent “faith healing” case in central Wisconsin where the parents let their child die from untreated diabetes. Religious convictions are important but harming your children as proxy for proving how devout you are is monstrous and about the furthest thing from genuine piety you can imagine.

  • learn quran online

    is it real how do i believe you

  • someone

    if it had been burn bruises then there’d be a huge area of ‘redness’ surrounding the text (considering the size of the text)…

  • afghangirl

    What in the world this is NOOOOOOOO child abuse.I dont get how this can be child abuse dats soo stupid! This is not true at all and I am sure other muslim ppl would agree with me 2!!!!! And theres no reason bringing Islam or child abuse case in this situation!!! This is a message from ALLAH(god). omgggg this is a big miracle!! It doesnt cause any harm to the child even if the temp goes up it goes down by itself. If it was child abuse then how would his temp go up, you cant just hit a baby like that omggg I dont think his parents are that cruel. This is not a illness its just a message from ALLAH and letting people know that ALLAH is powerful and ALLAH is the creator and it will always be like dat no matter what other ppl think! The phrases from the Quran that are written on his body has a lot of meaning. Maybe ALLAH is showing them a sign or something.

  • Curious Muslim

    The parents said they were never very devout Muslims until they began seeing these marks appearing on their child. They viewed it as a sign from God.

  • Your Name

    There are many miracles in islam but we do need these signs in order to become a muslim or good muslim. We believe in Allah and his book without allah show us miracles. If someone really read the book of Allah and understand it, will finds out the truth about this life and day after and many miracles inside quran that we really do not know about it. This life is short and we still live in the darkness without know the truth about Allah and his book. Once we know the truth once we die and face allah’s question.

  • Rashid Ahmad Aria

    If it was child abuse then how would his temp go up, you cant just hit a baby like that omggg I dont think his parents are that cruel. This is not a illness its just a message from ALLAH and letting people know that ALLAH is powerful and ALLAH is the creator and it will always be like dat no matter what other ppl think! The phrases from the Quran that are written on his body has a lot of meaning. Maybe ALLAH is showing them a sign or something.

  • Arezo

    It is fact and I `m agree ,Allah is the most great and no one is able to make joke in this way .

  • Shep

    It’s urticaria. I had it as a baby and toddler. People use to gently scratch their names onto my skin. It’s common and not painful. Unfortunately the ‘miracle’ is almost certainly fraud. God knows best.

  • kiani

    It is not urticaria. For urticaria, see details, here:

  • salma

    Allah is great i belive that the baby have quran on hiz leg he is so cute inshallah allah keeps u salf xx

  • Yati

    Fraud or abuse, There should be a team to monitor these happenings. These people can produce a report of what is really going on. Then only will we know the truth,

  • lucy

    Allah bless that baby. Because i really believe that its true and that is meant by Allah to send that message to the world and everyone should aware of.

  • Baizura

    Allahhu Akbar!!

  • Muhammad Kashif

    I have only one question, if one who has no belief in miracles, and only expects something like this to happen as a result of some kind of painful practice like “bruising”, Why not take a look at ones own self??????
    Science says, a human being is created by the fusion of male sperms (very very tiny creatures, swimming in some fluid) with some organ in the female’s ovaries. WHAT COMPELLS both to do this, Any thing can happen, but there is a sacred, divine power who does this. Yes, WE HUMANS, are also a miracle of that ALMIGHTY Creator…. ALLAH.

  • http://alaaah liban

    ilaah baa weyn

  • Shaheed Hadjee

    I want to see this baby and if he is in true faith,i want to follow him to lead me to my Creator however possible.

  • fake of course

    I have done this myself many times, and on a babys sensitive skin it is very easy: just write your “verse” with a ball-pen without ink and after some minutes you have your text (and I promise: it will disappear in the same time the parents say this texts does). It is not so much of a child abuse (it does not hurt) – but it is amazing how stupid people can be, believing it is Allah doing it. I’d really like to compare the style of the handwriting to the handwriting of the members of this “remarkable” family. :) Soon we will have the author revealed!

  • Paktiawal From Afghanistan

    it is amazing when i say the Russian and verse on his leg it is really amazing because is birth in non Muslim family but now they are Muslim and as i heard from news channels that daily 2000 is coming just to see him and the guy who say it is hand writting you must go to russia and see the guy otherwise don’t type this type post comments.

  • brooks

    it is also mentioned in the Quran that the unbelievers shall not believe Allahs signs even if they were shown. So dont waste your time writing silly articles because we muslims know whtat you think when you see this. Why do you want to have an explanation for everything that child abuse blah blah blah. Shut up and mind your own religion and wait for the Judgement day.

  • Code Zombie

    this is obviously fake…. Please don’t be naive they probably just want attention are willinf to do anythiing fort it.

  • Code Zombie

    And for anyonew who closely examined this case. How is it supposed to be naturally inscribed on the baby anyway? is it supposed to be skin pigment? i hypothesis that the reasont he baby gets a interesting non permanant tatoo every week to imitate skin pigment.

  • Wael

    You will would never believe even if god him self, and we are already know that.
    But there is a Judgment day when you will be deeply regrat, when no regrets or anything can safe or help you.

  • Open minded about God

    I’m slightly alarmed that 3 people have responded simply by making idle threats to those people who have questioned the legitimacy of this ‘miracle’. Does ‘wait until judgement day’ mean that those who question whether this is a miracle are bound for hell? This is not the way we should approach the world. How can we possibly hope to gain a better understanding of the world if every question is met with a threat if it is perceived to in any way question divine intervention or even the existence of god?

  • arkacademy

    it could be true beause many people are people who have difdfenert
    symbles in there body

  • young stripes

    this can be real because might of wrote it on the babys leg went he was born

  • lara

    i think this could be fake and real maybe someone wrote it down on his leg or when he was born he could have had that syble no one knows.

  • ricky

    i think this is true because god mite of wrote it on his legs when he was being born.!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your Name

    I think no-body know’s if it is real or fake because the it may be real and God (Allah) could’ve done it for real or the mother could’ve writen on his skin that’s why i think no-body knows about could be child abuse or a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://r.e y1

    it could be true and the could be many smyable that can happen

  • Mason

    I belive that it is a minricale as God could have enscripted these words from the Kora it must have be en done with a purpose or cause as every thing has a cause and there must have been a reason why it happened.

  • open minded but more on the abuse side

    Many people have answered this question by threatening that on judgment day all unbelievers will be punished, but how can anyone know this? Why do they think they know what god is thinking, just because they worship him/her? They are thinking in the wrong way about this so called “miracle”. It was almost certainly written on the baby’s leg by his attention seeking baby. It is easy to do; just write on his leg with a ballpoint pen that is out of ink, and the writing will appear on the leg for a few hours. It doesn’t hurt. It may have been bruised onto the baby of course, which would be child abuse. It is a very silly thing to do for attention, because you could call faking the quran blasphemy.


    why is man such many proofs does a man need to belief in noble Islam.but can’t he see the clear proofs right in front of him.
    or doe he wish to waist his time and energy on worshiping Jesus Christ whom had himself claimed to be created and sent by Allah.Muslim scholars keep explain things to you from then, hitherto, you decide to be in darkness.why, oh why.all historian agree that prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was immaculate “truthful”, why then could he possibly claim to be a prophet if is was written by number of scholars yet in it are thousands of mistakes and contradictions. prophet Muhammad(pbuh),an illiterate proposed all that is in holy Quran and in it is mistake-free.well,we are all enjoying the democracy, the choice is in fact yours,but be ready to face the severe doom thereafter once you are not a Muslim. and no doubt, so shall it strictly be because Allah’s promises are sacred.

  • Mohammad

    Dear Yahuza,
    I did not understand whether you believed this story or not! But to me, as a muslim, I have no way to prove that this story is true for myself let alone for others! One thing is for sure, if God wants to bring miracles, He can make it more obvious than this although I cannot say this is not by God! But as I said, there is no way for me to make one-hundred per cent sure that this true. Second, why we muslim keep repeating that one day comes it will be proved to all “non-believers” that we have been right all along! I have a serious question for you and all other “muslims”: what defines a muslim? what is Islam anyway? Is Islam a label or is Islam some codes of conducts? I presume you would agree that if you want to be a true muslim, you need to follow some codes of conducts. And then what are the most important of these codes of conducts? Just to say that Mohammad (?) is the prophet or become a better person for your society? What is the value of the faith, our prayers, fasting, hijab and etc when we keep lying, do not have any commitment to doing our work well, respecting people and their right? Why should God one day reveals that we have been right and all others wrong when western people have managed to build a better life for their societ relatively and establish a very good social respects for others right in comparison with what we have in our society? Why our God is so obsessive with only the fact we have become muslims only because most of us have been born in a muslim family? What is Islam anyway? Why do we think Islam is only in our hand but not non-believers? Maybe on that day that we are promising to non-believers, God says those who have made a better life in their society are relatively more muslim that us who have known Islam as believing in Mohammad as a prophet and the book as a miracle. Please note that I never have the intention of undermining the value of believing in our dear prophet and great book. I am just trying to say that God might not be on our side either! God only believes in better people! This is my understanding!
    Thanks dear!

  • http://LeaveittoAllah Young Muslim

    Asalamu alaykum my beloved brothers and sisters,
    As to these verses appearing on the leg of baby Ali it is believed that it is a miracle but some people are disagreeing to this. As to the child parents making this mark and saying it is a miracle then they will answer to allah. But however if these marks are a miracle then we will find out for real. It is possible as prophet Muhammed (saw) was the last prophet and there are no more prophets after him and looking at the world now ‘astagfirullah’ then it is possible that our creator allah may have sent this to bring us back to the right path of islam.
    Thankyou for reading this.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment abbasi

    I would suggest, the chid should be kept in close observation of team of muslim and non muslim doctors for one week so that the fact may be reveled.


  • LearnQuranOnline

    I will suggest to learn quran yourself and you will find the truth. Quran guide us towards nature and show us the path where we all are one. Quran teach us how to convert our individual thinking into collective thinking so that peace prevail in our society.

  • Learn Quran online, Learn Tajweed Quran Recitation online is an learn online quran center for providing online Quran Tutoring service that enables you/your kids to learn to read the holy Quran with learn Tajweed Quran Recitation online in one to one Quran classes with live Male and Female Quran teacher. Students of all ages ranging from 4 to 70 years can take these Quran learning classes. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment ABDRAHMAN OLAMILEKAN

    Dear Muhammad
    I wl first of all like to correct d notion dt we c being muslim as believing in d Prophet nd believing in Quran as a miracle.If u r a gd muslim,then u wld know dt Islam is far more dan dt.Islam is a complete way of lyf,nd it encourages us to always b just in evrtin we do.If u r muslim nd u r a bad person,then it’s ur problem bcos Islam teaches righteousness. And let me put d record straight to u,no Western country has made very gd social respect for others(ask d muslims who live there n u wl be sorry).Is it not in these same western countries dt we av d problem of racism?While Islam teaches us dt there’s no diff. among us irrespective of d colour of our skin.Fine,we av our mistakes bt all these mistakes look so obvious simply bcos we keep on abandoning d doctrines of our lovly religion.As for believing in dis miraculous child?I av my doubt.I’m d type dt believe evrtin shld be proved beyond reasonable doubt.Pple who r at d ryt places shld pls try and find out if dis is really true.We r in a civilized world where verifying something like dis shld be made important.Or av some pple found out n r scared of saying it is true simply bcos doing so may undermine their own belief?Tnx so much

  • zєxɪσи

    The hell are you talking about ? Who is in their right might going to pressed their baby to make these writing appear ? If you want to deny the truth that is obvious as day you free to do so ,but don’t accuse people with false bs .

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