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I’m taking this blog post off … count your blessings … to bring you this VERY FUNNY ad! It’s so well done, it speaks for itself. ………………………………………………………… for a look at the sports of the day please check out:

How cool is it to be Marco Rubio these days? Even though he rarely seeks the spotlight, the 40-year-old junior senator from Florida is already being discussed as a presidential candidate. Timing is everything, and if the U.S. is still […]

I have seen some interviews with Denise Richards in recent months and I am impressed with her level-headedness and how well spoken she is. Was she really once married to Charlie Sheen? That’s really intended to be a compliment to […]

No president enjoyed a longer, deeper unquestioned love from the media than Barack Obama. Those days appear to be nearing an end, however, as even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews may no longer be getting shivers down his spine, or weak at […]

There are still SOME inspiring shows on television, and CBS’ Same Name is one of them. The premise of the show is that celebrities like Mike Tyson, David Hasselhoff and Kathy Griffin change places with “unfamous” people who happen to […]

Goodbye ‘King’ … we hardly knew ye. Burger King will reportedly drop use of the statuesque ‘King’, which I did not think was such a great advertising face to begin with. Some people think he looked a little creepy and […]

Kathy Griffin has had some success with her God-mocking “comedy” act … and now here comes Sarah Silverman. Thanks to NBC, the “comedienne” who says vile things about Christ and Christianity and so many other topics will get her chance […]

One of the more fun things about doing a blog is getting feedback from readers. If you don’t get feedback, after all, you wonder why bother writing ’em? Kate Gosselin is responsible for pushing my comments well over 100 since […]

“He’d instantly become our greatest player,” San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson said of Carlos Beltran right before the team acquired the outfielder from the New York Mets. Wilson was reaching, perhaps hoping Beltran would provide an offensive spark […]

There is one quality New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his New York Jets counterpart Mark Sanchez have not shared in their early careers. Neither is obnoxious. Up to a few days ago anyway. Manning, however, compared himself to […]