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Matt Lauer is tired, literally, of the Today Show on NBC. The co-host with newly promoted Ann Curry, is reportedly weary of getting up at 4 a.m. for work and may leave the top-ranked morning show. NBC may look to […]

I don’t get any joy from Monday night’s news that TLC has pulled the plug on its reality show Kate Plus Eight. I feel sadness for a woman, Kate Gosselin, whose life has changed so much due to fame and […]

Everyone knows about all the world series titles won by the New York Yankees. It makes them the most hated and/or loved team in perhaps all of sports. You HAVE to respect several of the team’s players for their class […]

It’s too early to call him President Rick Perry. Or even Republican nominee for President Rick Perry. But the Texan took to the airwaves Saturday afternoon and ran roughshod over everything in his path. In a good way … for […]

“I call ’em like I see ’em”. The refrain of the baseball umpire is similar to how I go about my business here for the Changing Channels TV blog. And I have done so 100 times already for Beliefnet since […]

Silly me. I thought Game Show Network was supposed to be a bunch of old ‘classic’ game shows with a few new ones sprinkled in. I turned it on the other night by accident, looking for Nick at Nite, and […]

He’s basically a nice guy and he can be pretty funny, but George Lopez couldn’t carry a late night show. There’s no shame in that, as even bigger names have failed in the venture including Chevy Chase, Magic Johnson and […]

Yes, his appearances have become corny, cheesy and painful to watch but Jerry Lewis is the face of MDA. Let him say goodbye for cryin’ out loud! The organization recently announced it was parting ways with Lewis after 45 years. […]

Being a liberal must be FAR more important to Tina Brown than being a fair-minded person. Or being a woman or person with even an ounce of empathy for that matter. In her latest questionable move as head of Newsweek, […]

News that Kate Gosselin is even considering dating again is, well, disturbing to put it mildly. The star of Kate Plus 8 is attractive and single, although that’s arguable on either point. Kate Gosselin can’t really be considered single whether […]