Changing Channels
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I am guilty, I admit it. I often watch Today on NBC in the mornings and neglect to give Good Morning America a look. I intentionally switched things up Friday morning and watched GMA. There was a great deal of […]

Maybe a reader of this blog who commented on Big Brother is correct, maybe reality shows should be wiped off the face of the earth. But the reality is, reality shows are probably here to stay and a few of […]

I’ve pointed out before in this blog that one is more than five. That is, love him or hate him,  Glenn Beck at 5 p.m. on FOX News was MUCH stronger programming than the five “yakkers” that replaced him on […]

It’s a shame that some people can’t watch a show without becoming a part of the story. Or trying to. The reported death threats against a family of a contestant responsible for the “eviction” of a popular house guest on […]

I wrote it last night on Facebook, and I’ll write it again here now on Beliefnet. Geraldo Rivera of FOX News didn’t need to be standing out in the rain for his entire Saturday night newscast. It’s one thing for […]

The more I have heard from Charlie Sheen over the last year, the more I like his brother Emilio Estevez. It’s not nice and certainly not Christian to make fun of Charlie Sheen’s well-documented troubles so I won’t. Instead, it’s […]

The footage is exciting, thrilling and it keeps us informed. But it also begs a question: is stormchasing, or any other kind of weatherchasing for that matter, such a good idea? It’s one thing for those poor reporters to have […]

ABC Family deserves credit for airing 700 Club. Let’s start with that point. However, there is a “warning” that airs before and after the program that the show “doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of ABC Family”. I know … gosh […]

It seems like an odd partnership at first glance, but NBC and Dick Cheney are teaming up for tons of programming in the next couple of days. The former vice president’s NBC onslaught started Thursday with a snippet of an […]

I have blogged before about what a terrific job Nick Cannon has done as host of America’s Got Talent. Cannon boasts a great sense of  comedic timing, along with solid interviewing skills and he doesn’t seem to have a mean […]