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I thought I had this series about wrapped up until I took that final trip down the alternative sweetener aisle at the health food store.  “Sugar Made Healthy” a package proclaimed.  I picked it up and looked over an alternative […]

You are hurrying along — your mind on the next thing on your to-do list.  Your toe meets the raised edge of the sidewalk, and you trip.  What happens next?  Automatically your body goes into recovery mode.  Every muscle responds […]

Here is the recipe of the week.  Although I did at least half a dozen things wrong  (including spilling the sauce all over the countertop and having to start again) it turned out pretty tasty. I found it on Pinterest […]

The desert lies bare and brown for years — and then when it rains, it suddenly blooms with color.  How do these plants stay alive and dormant during those dry years?  By means of the sugar we are looking at […]

Several of my blog followers have asked me, “What about Truvia?” Truvia started out as stevia.  The owners of Truvia, Cargill  Labs and Coca-Cola, extract the sweet part of the leaf, Rebiana A, and combine it with erythritol, a sugar […]

For every Web site that proclaims something is deadly, there will be another that says, “Nah, that’s just a hoax.”   We’ve seen that to be true about sugar, as well as about the alternative sweeteners we’ve been examining in […]