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A recent Northwestern University study found that what makes a person a good dating partner might not determine who is a suitable spouse. For couples in both a dating relationship and a marriage, an important contributor to a satisfying relationship […]

With all the uncertainty that’s going on in my life, I’m trying to cling to prayer as much as I can, to continually ask God to guide me in a direction that best promotes His peace in this world. Ironically, […]

Margarita Tartakovsky who pens the lucent and substantive blog, “Weightless,” on PsychCentral has compiled a compelling list of depression myths, and then demystyfies them with impressive research and insight. I encourage you to read her original blog, “Depression Myths and […]

I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine Stone, creator of the most successful postpartum depression website, “Postpartum Progress,” in person at a BlogHer convention in 2007. We bonded immediately as we shared so many experiences in common. ShareWIK, the folks […]

One of Katherine’s most popular blog post is “5 Things Every New Mother Should Know About PPD.” It is certainly worth featuring on Beyond Blue. I was recently asked to put together a list of things women should know about […]

News flash! News Corp Has Sold Beliefnet to BN Media, a holding company that has investments in Affinity4, a marketer that raises funding for charities, ministries, and other non-profit organizations, and Cross Bridge, which offers online distribution of audio-video content for […]

When I attended the Mental Health America conference a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Washington Post journalist Steve Luxenberg, a moderator at the conference. He kindly inscribed for me a copy of his fascinating […]

A few people lately have reminded me of the Chinese parable “The Old Man and His Horse.” You’ve probably heard it. I publish it here not to say that all your problems are actually blessings. But what can often seem […]

The maxim, “Where one door shuts, another opens,” is quoted, most famously, in the 21st chapter of Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes’s classic, “Don Quixote.”

Most people don’t think depression affects any other organ besides the brain. However, recent studies are finding that depression affects a host of other disorders. Among the conditions are these, just posted from a Johns Hopkins newsletter that I subscribe […]