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Following are excerpts from an interview with Thea Bowman, a Franciscan Sister who became a huge inspiration to black Catholic communities, and to wider circles for her joy and gratitude, her nobility of spirit, and her very real spirituality. The […]

In her insightful book, “The Superstress Solution,” Roberta Lee, M.D. assesses the stress level in most homes today, and offers a word of caution about chronic stress. In her introduction, she writes:   We’re deluding ourselves if we think that […]

Holly Lebowitz Rossi posted a stress quiz awhile back from Dr. Roberta Lee’s book, “The SuperStress Solution.”  Visit this post to take the quiz. * Click here to subscribe to Beyond Blue and click here to follow Therese on Twitter and click […]

I don’t really think of myself as having a hot temper. But I do have trouble speaking up when something starts to bother me. Thus, the irritant builds and builds, and instead of becoming a pearl, like a grain of […]

Many of you may have seen the Ted video by Jill Bolte Taylor, the neuroanatomist and spokesperson for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center who survived a stroke in 1996, at age 37, to describe the shifts in her brain […]

I have been having a difficult time writing the “Mindful Monday” posts lately because I’m the opposite of mindful these days. You know how the Buddhist monks talk about the swinging monkeys of the brain, and how you need to […]

In April I had the privilege of being interviewed on “Steppin’ Out Radio” by WABC-TV Sports Anchor and Reporter Scott Clark. Producer Denise McIntee formed her company, Powerful Radio Productions, to communicate true stories of inspiration and recovery from substance […]

By far my most popular post is the gallery, “12 Depression Busters.” But those suggestions were actually a response to Beyond Blue reader Peg’s query on how to stop smoking. They absolutely do help a person fight depression and the […]

Awhile back a producer from WebMD contacted me and asked me to solicit volunteers to be interviewed and videotaped for a cool series of videos on depression. I sent him a list of names, those of you who said you […]

If you had to pick one thing about depression that was the most difficult to live with, what would it be? (I know. It’s hard. There’s so many to choose from!) Here’s my choice … the inner critic that says […]