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December 2009 Archives

Just a word on wonder and magic and the silent part of the season we often miss.

How do you find and sustain hope? The author of “Hope in the Age of Anxiety” shares how.

Think positively! Don’t think positively! Pursue happiness! Happiness is a trap! Negative thinking is bad for your health! Being “bright-sided” by positive thinking, as Barbara Ehrenreich recently warned, is bad for your health! What’s a thinking person to do?

Holding secrets contributes to depression. So tell yours to Frank Warren, of

Holiday Stress and Depression Management. Holiday Stress and Depression Busters.

Psychiatric Ron Pies weighs in on holiday depression.

Motherhood and depression: how Anthea Rowan came to understand the illness of depression after living with her mother’s during her childhood.

December is a great time to turn to the Mother of God for some tips.

Read these 10 myths about clinical depression if you don’t think there is any stigma today.

Are manic depressives a bunch of pathological liars with no conscience? Ah, no.