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Awhile back I published a post about tips to help a loved one cope with bipolar disorder. Holly and her helpers compiled it into a lovely gallery which is part of the bipolar resource page. I’ve excerpted my introduction below, but […]

You can find Angela Peterson’s excellent blog post entitled “10 Common Myths About Clinical Depression” by clicking here. With her permission, I have reprinted it below. Almost every mental illness ends up accompanied by a barrage of myths, misunderstandings, and […]

In light of the rumors about Tiger Woods affair, I thought I’d publish a letter of healing, a real response to what cheating does to a person and a family.

With rumors of Tiger Woods having an affair, talk of cheating surfaces once more. Here are eight great tips for marriages where one or both partners are unfaithful.

Check out the discussion on what you should do if you think you’re spouse is having an emotional affair.

If you are struggling with an emotional affair, please check out Beliefnet’s new Emotional Affairs Support Center by clicking here. Included on the page: a quiz to see if you are in a toxic relationship, the 10 red flags of […]

Be sure to tune into Group Beyond Blue, which hosts several interesting discussion threads. I especially liked the one called “Frustrated!” started by a Group Beyond Blue member, who wrote: I’ve been charting my moods this week on a 1-10 […]