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I had lined up a package about how pets can be helpful in relieving depression and anxiety, but I feel the need to write about all the veterans who suffer. I have two cousins in Iraq right now, and I […]

Yours truly was picked by to compile a list of the Top 10 Mental Health Blogs. This was very difficult task, considering all I had to do was go to the Group Beyond Blue index and name all the […]

Alas, if you still have more time on your hands after you’ve read all the blogs on my top 10 list and all the ones on my blog roll, you can check out the Top 10 Bipolar Blogs picked recently […]

Some of you remember my trip to New York City this summer when I was experiencing bad symptoms, but went anyway. One of the many reasons for the trip was an interview with “America” magazine, a reputable Catholic publication. They […]

On Mindful Monday, my readers and I practice the art of pausing, TRYING to be still, or considering, ever so briefly, the big picture. We’re hoping this soul time will provide enough peace of mind to get us through the […]

In case you’re thinking you’re not up for M. Scott Peck’s definition of discipline, here’s a consoling quote I pulled from Richard Foster’s book, “Celebration of Discipline“: When we despair of gaining inner transformation through human powers of will and […]

On Fridays I will address a question related to depression and find the answer from an expert. If you have a question you want answered, please ask it on the combox of this post, and I’ll try my best to […]

Thanks to Beliefnet’s Lilit Marcus for finding this story about a guy with bipolar disorder getting $80,000 from his company on discrimination charges. Read the entire article on by clicking here. I’ve excerpted from it below. An $80,000 judgment […]

One of the most hurtful comments made to me during the worst of my depression was this: “You must not want to get better.” I’m having a hard time forgiving the person who said that, even as I know she […]

One of the many reasons I very much respect my doctor, Milena Hruby Smith, is that she is extremely modest and humble. And while some patients are reassured by a doctor who delivers his assessment in an unequivocal, confident style […]