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November 2008 Archives

Not my lessons, of course. I like to focus on WHAT I’VE BEEN ROBBED OF because of this darn mood disorder. Ahem. OTHER PEOPLE’S LESSONS. I thought this was a very cool gallery, especially for BLACK (and blue) Friday. Beliefnet …Read More

Again, this title is too positive to be my own. But we must start the holiday season with a heart of joy, no? Here’s a good beginning … What is it about a short quotation that carries so much power? …Read More

I realize this is the week we are technically supposed to be grateful. But continuing with the theme of yesterday’s vent, I thought I’d publish a letter I wrote to God awhile back. One way I pray to God is …Read More

Here is how God responded to my rant: I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than …Read More

On Mindful Monday, my readers and I practice the art of pausing, TRYING to be still, or considering, ever so briefly, the big picture. We’re hoping this soul time will provide enough peace of mind to get us through the …Read More

Here’s an example of when I could recognize a divine hand in my life: One day last year, on our kitchen counter, buried underneath the old apple cores, brown bananas and three days worth of mail, lay an invitation from …Read More

Following is the master plan to helping your child resist negative thinking that Dr. Tamar Chansky presents in her book “Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking.” However, her strategies are just as effective for adults. Used by permission of Da …Read More

Hope, like gratitude, doesn’t always happen on its own. Sometimes it needs a little coaxing. Naomi Drew, an expert on conflict resolution and peacemaking in schools and homes, does a wonderful job in this Beliefnet gallery of teaching some ways …Read More

A video including all the forms of my distorted thinking would be too big to store on You Tube. So I’ll present my top five: ways I torture myself upstairs. The good news? Then I can untwist the distortions and …Read More

In her book, “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts: Simple Tools for Personal Transformation,” Sandra Ingerman offers a few more tools you might implement in the all-consuming war against negativity. Here is a Beliefnet gallery based on her book. It begins …Read More