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Coffee In Maui


Coffee In Maui

I had never traveled more than 6 hours before and to tell the truth, that felt like sheer torture. Being raised with notions that people die on planes, it took me awhile to get over those fears. I was long past them but going beyond 6 hours over an ocean without a break on a plane. UGH.

But we made it. We made it alive.

Stepped into the Maui airport and the smell was like something I’d never ever encountered before in my entire life. I remember grabbing my husband’s arm like a school girl saying, “Do you think God dropped a small piece of heaven into the ocean and that’s what Hawaii is?”


He was so caught up in the moment I don’t even know if he heard me. The smells. The warmth. The rainforest like humidity.

We’d never really taken a vacation before like this. I had built businesses, we got into massive debt, we got out of massive debt, we downsized, we finally got a nice home, stayed debt free, built the company I now own, totally debt free. But vacations? They weren’t a part of the plan most of the time.

Then things changed. A friend had asked me what I wanted in my schedule that year.  So I was daring. Brave I was! I exclaimed back the most absurd thing I could think of!

“I want 2 weeks off every 90 days. I want to go to Hawaii twice a year. I want to do it year after year.”


His reply? Without a flinch? “Ok then. It’s done.”

I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh. I’ve never taken 2 weeks off before. Hawaii? I am terrified to fly to California most times I go! 11 hours on a plane?! What have I gotten myself into?!”

But I’m the girl who tells people they can be anything and anyone they want to be.

I’m the one who says, “Shoot for the stars, the whole world is your canvas and you can create the kind of life you want!”

That day, as I sat in tears, looking at the ocean with a cup of 100% Kona Coffee, in Maui, God was talking to me again.

“There’s a whole big world out there and you are going to change it. They need your encouragement. They need your child like faith. Will you go?”


Go? Go where? That was the only thought I had.

Little did I know that this little cup of coffee sitting in the early morning sun in Maui would turn into a dream I had never planned.

Dreaming with God. Bill Johnson wrote a book about that. I began living it a few years ago…

I sign my social media posts like that many nights before I go to bed. It’s more than a saying, it’s a lifestyle.

I think I’m finally starting to see it’s something worth pursuing.

With love,

Sandi Krakowksi



  • Yogi

    The coffee in Maui really taste good. You will really want their coffee as soon as you tasted it. i’m sure in the second time you landed in Maui Airport you will probably look for their coffee! :)

  • skrakowski

    Monica I pray it does!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Monica

    Hi Sandi,
    Maui. I love Maui. I’ve only been there once; back in 1994 for 2 glorious weeks. I dream of going back. Its a little difficult with me being Canadian, but my dream is to live there 6 months out of the year. God knows the desire’s of my heart, and hopefully it will happen soon.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Monica

    Hi Sandi,
    I love Maui. I’ve only been once; in 1994 for 2 glorious weeks. Since then,I dream of going back,sometimes permanently. But it’s not that easy with me being Canadian. My dream is to live there 6 months out of the year. God knows it’s in my hearts desire. Hopefully one day soon it will happen.

  • Buky


    You story is very inspiring and you are so real. Because of your mentoring I am living and dreaming with God. Thank you SK for giving so freely!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment renee

    Wow. Thank you for the encouragement, it comes at such a great time. I have been wanting a “new dream”..still do. But, I can do the next thing while I wait on God to drop the “new dream” into my heart..right? Love love love your posts! Love you! Sincerely, Renee

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment SherieChristina

    I have enjoyed the teachings, and the example that you have given to those who have been following you. It has shown me another way. I am definitely going to check out the book. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Your Name

    Awesome, learning from you

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