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President Obama has talked about his Christian faith, once again. He explained at a New Mexico town hall-style discussion on the economy yesterday that he’s Christian “by choice” — wording presumably meant to reassure anyone who thinks he’s a “born Muslim” because […]

The reason “atheists” are trending high right now on Twitter, Google and other search engines: A Pew study of religious literacy has found that atheists, followed by Jews and Momons, know more than Protestants and Catholics, based on a quiz […]

I haven’t blogged yet about Eddie Long, the black church pastor who has preached against homosexuality and is now accused — falsely, he insists — of coercing men into sexual relationships. After sifting through dozens of stories about this emerging scandal, I […]

I’m back from the annual Religion Newswriters Association conference, where journalists, academics and PR folks gather every year to talk shop. (Check out the live Twitter feed I helped produce: #RNA2010.) This year’s gathering was in Denver and included sessions […]

Leave it to the Texas Board of Education to sneak this one in while so many religion reporters are at an annual convention…Here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle. From the article: A suggestion by board member Bob Craig to revise the […]

I’m attending the Religion Newswriters Association conference in Denver, and yesterday’s sessions focused on Bible translations. (For quick notes from the conference, check out the Twitter feed from the convention — #rna2010.) The news hook: Next year will be the 400th […]

I’m attending the annual Religion Newswriters Association conference in Colorado for the next few days, covering some of the sessions for Religion News Service, Huffington Post, this Beliefnet blog and via Twitter. (I missed last year’s RNA gathering in Minnesota, due to water-breaking news, haha… incidentally, […]

When a faith-related story falls off the radar, sometimes I try to catch up up with it, Lewis Black-style. (In all seriousness, it amazes me how short our news attention span is — when’s the last time you heard about the earthquake in Haiti, the […]

The Senate vote on a military bill that would have included the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” allowing openly gay troops to serve in the U.S. armed forces (as do our allies, including England and Israel), didn’t get enough […]

While I continue to sift through all the coverage of Pope Benedict’s now-concluded visit to the United Kingdom, here are some links to other religion news stories that have made headlines in the last 24 hours: 1) Today is “Everybody Pray for Hitchens Day,” […]