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Remember that Time magazine cover story I blogged about a few months ago, “Why Being Pope Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry?” Pope Benedict seems to feel otherwise, given the number of apologies he has made lately — including two […]

The Pacific Northwest may be the least churched part of America, but two big religion stories come from my backyard today: a new Catholic archbishop heading to Seattle, and The Seattle Weekly announcement that “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoonist Molly […]

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, starts at sundown today, and once again, Jews who have wronged Stephen Colbert in the past year can apologize via his “Atone Phone” hotline: 1-888-OOPS-JEW. (Not to be confused with 1-888-MOPS-KEY, 1-888-MOSS-LEW or […]

Talk about an ice cream headache: an ad for Antonio Federici gelato, featuring a heavily pregnant nun spooning up the frozen treat paired with an “immaculately conceived” tagline, has been banned by Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, prompted by Catholic outcry […]

Pope Benedict’s four-day visit to England and Scotland kicked off today, and with the exception of the island’s excited Catholics and a warm welcome from British Prime Minister David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth, public sentiment apparently ranges from angry to apathetic. In other words, […]

After months of will-they-or-won’t-they, the French government has banned face-cloaking veils such as the Muslim niqab and burqa (check Religion News Service for the distinctions). The law will go into effect in six months, assuming it gets the final stamp […]

Outreach magazine has come out with its list of America’s largest and fastest-growing churches. More than one million Americans attend the top 100 largest churches (at 384 worship sites). About half of these churches identify themselves as “nondenominational.” The top five: […]

It’s the week between Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the fasting Day of Atonement. This period of introspection, called the Days of Awe, includes another observance for ultra-Orthodox Jews (also known as Hasidic or Haredi Jews): sacrificing chickens. […]

Despite the “rifts amid mourning,” we’ve survived another Sept. 11 anniversary — and some of us, including four of my friends and a new baby, even celebrated birthdays. As this New York Times story about 9/11 birthdays notes, this timing […]

In the spirit of recognizing that the media have made a mountain out of the anthill that should be Pastor Terry Jones’ “Burn a Koran Day” (assuming it’s even still happening?) tomorrow in Florida, I’m not going to post any […]