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Here  is a really good article by Tina DuPuy on how the Republicans got themselves into such a mess with America’s more intelligent women.  Left undiscussed is how the extreme pathological masculinity of both their deity and their leaders made that slip so very easy.

For me, all our interactions with nature have an ethical component. None are purely with a insensate object to be used simply as a tool.  For example, I buy organic not because it tastes better – although it can – but because we have to take care of the earth at least to some extent if we want to farm organically, and taking care involves treating something as if you respect it.  And often organic farmers, if they are not corporations, do respect the earth.

That said, it is interesting that the colony collapse disorder that is spreading such havoc in agriculture, and threatening to spread worse still, very possibly would not be happening if farmers farmed organically.

The blog’s point is not that this is the only cause – the problem is complex – but that this is possibly a serious contributing factor, one that would be absent in a ethical farming culture.


For years the culture warriors have waged a slowly rising campaign against the women and the feminine in all forms other than the pregnant submissive housewife or cold-hearted ideological warriors such as Coulter, Palin, and Bachmann.  One of the few authoritarian right wingers with solid academic credentials, Harvey Mansfield, wrote a book, Manliness that argued if women were properly subordinate “manly” men would behave themselves.  Mostly it proved the Harvard Political Science Department has very low standards. Mansfield’s argument was then elaborated in various ways by other right wing ‘intellectuals,’ but these efforts were wisely ignored by most people other than beltway pundits. (I read Manliness so you don’t have to.  I assure you there is nothing manly about it.)

At a more popular level, ignorant or cynical preachers and people who read Ayn Rand and never grew up attacked the feminine and all women who questioned the right of some to dominate others, the rich to dominate the poor, the strong to dominate the weak.  The ‘religious’ ones seized the title “pro-life” because of their love of zygotes.  Real human beings never were able to rank highly enough in their eyes for their lives to be valued, as could be seen by their support for the death penalty, torture, and war.  But their flattering label stuck, accepted by the dim or the corrupt.

They have had a long and poisonous run, but it may be finally coming to a blessed end, destroyed by its own excesses. 

I hope every American gets to see this ad, maybe several times.  From a Pagan perspective what is happening is really important because it is an attempt to dismiss the importance of the feminine in all its forms except the submissive and obedient housewife.  No group has done more to transform Americans’ sense of the feminine as spiritually equal to the masculine as we have.  No group has more to lose from this transformation that the forces of domination and oppression that masquerade today as defenders of masculinity are seeking to accomplish.  Theirs is , a ‘masculinity’ that would condemn most men and all women to powerlessness.

Theirs is a vision of the foot of the powerful stamping human faces, forever. They want to start with women.