Angels on Your Shoulder

hole in a wall

Ever wondered why people chose to hurt one another?

I have pondered that question over the years. As a child I was profoundly distressed by violence and what I perceived as cruelty. I often get e mails from people asking me the same thing. 

I have come to the conclusion that we can only hurt one another when we are disconnected from our spirit. Our mind, our filter system is often very fear based and fear motivates actions not based in love. From our mind we can rationalize unspeakable acts. I am pretty sure whoever planted the bombs in Boston thought it was a ‘good’ idea.

Our spirit can only chose love. God, Allah, Great Spirit, whatever we choose to call that energy of creation knows only love.

If I start to judge others I have disconnected from my spirit

As I watched the images this week of Boston or in other weeks of school shootings or bombings or of war – how do I stay in a place of love? How do I love the bombers? How do I love the shooters?

Spiritual practices take practice. As Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.” Do I want to add more love or fear to this world/ Has all the centuries of judgment, laws and trying to control others worked? I think not.

Maybe it is time we give love a chance. Maybe it is time we practice love rather than judgment and fear. I sure hope so.

Today I am practicing allowing love to erase my judgment and fear. Spiritual practices take practice. Care to join me in practicing love?

With love and some judgment and fear,

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