Angels on Your Shoulder
February 2011 Archives

Life is such a precious gift best savored in the moment. Amazing how plans change, we can go with the flow or not. I find going with the flow works best. Here are some images to sooth your soul and […]

“I cooperate joyfully with the purpose of my life.” We all have a life’s purpose. I have watched my students struggle endlessly with finding their life’s purpose. I think it is really simple: to connect with our spirit and live […]

The day of love …… chocolates, roses and cards from a beloved. And what if you are single? You can you be your own beloved? Are you willing to love yourself unconditionally? Be your won angel and be a radiator […]

Fear is usually generated by a belief we don’t have or we won’t get what we want or need. Yet when I ask people what they want or what they need they often don’t have an answer. They know what […]

Lots of people ask me what angel cards I use. I wish I knew the name of this little deck, it would be wonderful to be able to give it to people. It looks much like the original angel cards […]

Here is another angel in that second cup of coffee. Christine was kind enough to send it to me again. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! Meditate on more Wordless Wednesday • A Magical Place in Hawaii• God’s Light Embracing the World• Two Sides of […]

The angel of openness says: “My heart and my mind are open to the light and love of my soul.” We are always open to something, either love or fear. Life certainly goes a whole lot better when we are […]

I leave today for Mexico. I am going to spend time with the whales in Magdalena Bay and then go onto to Tepoztlan where we will spend time doing ceremony, hiking and enjoying the magical nature of Mexico. I know […]

This is an article I wrote about love. Love is the antithesis of love so I thought I would share it with you …… Enjoy! Love Perhaps love is the process of being lead gently back into ourselves. Love is […]

I pulled the angel of passion. What are you really passionate about in your life?  Does passion drive your life? Are you filled with joy when you begin a new endeavor? How can you be passionate about everything in your […]