Angels on Your Shoulder
February 2011 Archives

Here is a beautiful video I made. I think you’ll enjoy it.  A Time of Sacred Healing and Transformation May 12 – May 24, 2011 Spend 12 nights enjoying the beauty of Hawaii With love and aloha,Susan Angels are everywhere […]

An excerpt from my bookThe Complete Encyclopedia of Angels Lakshmi is wonderful at: Finding creative solutions Creating abundance Discovering the perfect career Procuring a fabulous place to live Hooking you up with the love of your life Invocation: Lakshmi adores […]

Lent is the forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday March 9, 2011 and ends on April 23, 2011, which is the day before Easter. In the Roman Catholic Church Lent officially ends at sundown on Holy Thursday, […]

I once saw thoughts and beliefs described as writing words on water. I love that image. Seeing the words dissolve into a watery, wavering rainbow of colors on the surface of the water with dancing lights below. That is the […]

My recent trip to Mexico was amazing. Here is a video of a mother whale, her calf and a rainbow.

Recently I have gotten a few questions about spirit orbs: What are they and are they real? I can’t say for sure but my hunch is digital technology allows us to pick up energy that has always been there but […]

Today I pulled the angel of harmony. The picture shows an angel surrounded by musical notes. The message is, “I am living in harmony with universal laws; I am creating harmony at each moment of my life.” What is harmony? […]

I am back home from my visit to Mexico and the wonderful whales. Wednesday I’ll have a real treat for you, some photos and a video I took of a young mother and her calf. I love to meditate and […]

Moment by moment we have two choices: love or fear. Judgment = fearLove = happiness Judgment always leads to trauma and drama.Acceptance leads to peace, joy, happiness and ease For a moment listen to your thoughts as you ponder those […]

The angel of humor can help you see life through the eyes of lightness and love. We take ourselves so seriously at times that we forget what a gift life is. We forget that we can be grateful for whatever […]