Angels on Your Shoulder
October 2010 Archives

Tonight at 8 PM eastern Time I will be having a live tele-ceremony. When I studied with don Miguel and Sister Sarita she taught me how to perform a beautiful ceremony that helps send all souls to the light, to honor […]

Abundance is a funny thing. The best time to give freely is when we are in need ourselves.

Before I left for my trip I was asked if I would be interested in reading a manuscript about fairies. I read a lot when I travel so I said yes. Little did I know what an incredible gift was in store for me.

Here is this mornings sunrise here on the Big Island of Hawaii and a sunset in Greece. Everyday we are blessed with a new day in which we can create whatever we want.

This is an article that I was asked to share. I love information on brain waves and never thought of it in terms of angels before…. so here it is.

Do angels exist? I can’t prove that they do but I certainly enjoy my life a lot more believing they do and knowing miracles are possible and even probable.

Faith is defined as belief that is not based on proof. We can’t see the wind yet we have faith that it is the wind moving the leaves in the trees.

I love words. Did you know that inspire comes from the Latin word inspirare which means to breathe? When I do guided meditations I often suggest people remember that each breath is a gift of life from our spirit. What […]

Music is indeed the voice of the angels and images can help us connect with our spirit. Here are a few photos you may enjoy!

I saw this video of a therapy cat that performs miracles and thought I’d share it with you.