Angels on Your Shoulder
October 2010 Archives

Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Thomas Carlyle What are some of your favorite angel songs?

The first morning I was home I awoke to a beautiful double rainbow. By the time I got my camera only one rainbow was left but what a magical way to be welcomed home.

When we feel fear we are disconnected and when we are connected we feel safe. So one of the best way to deal with fear is to use it as a signpost that we need to deepen our connection.

Someone asked me how the internet worked the other day. Can you imagine Gabriel putting down his horn and logging onto Twitter instead?

Enjoy these images of Greece and allow yourself to connect with the magical love that embodies our universe.

What are you going to fill this day with? I just got a twitter that says live like there is no tomorrow. My first thought is there is no tomorrow. By the time tomorrow gets here it is today so […]

Angels are attacked to the energy of gratitude. Much like a radio station we constantly vibrate at a certain frequency and that frequency in turns attracts people, places and things into our life.

My internet connection has been rather sketchy so next week I will resume posting about the wonders of this world and of angels and happiness and joy. With love and aloha,Susan

I constantly get e mails from people asking me how to connect with their angels or complaining because they have been trying to connect for years or because the angels don’t seem to be doing anything in their lives.

Fear can certainly adversely affect our lives. It can manifest as anger or sadness as well as anxiety and stress. The more we resist fear or judge it the more it appears in our life. The best way to overcome […]