Quieting Our Minds

An excerpt from “Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life,” an Absolute Love Publishing min-e-book™ by Caroline A. Shearer

One of the biggest challenges most of us face in striving to live a high-vibration life is quieting our minds. And, it’s no wonder, given how most meditation is portrayed! We are taught that we should be able to sit absolutely still in absolute mind-blankness for hours on end. Then, and only then, have we succeeded.


First of all, there is no “succeeding” in meditation. If we are entering into meditation to “do it right,” we are already beginning on a false platform. And, if we are feeling unsuccessful at it, or like we’re not capable of meditating, then we’re hurting our own progress and, yes, lowering our vibration.


That is why it’s important to begin from a positive perspective.

Why do we want to quiet our minds?

With meditation, we do want to quiet the mind. We want to rid ourselves of what I call “mind clutter,” those thoughts that circle and circle our heads and reach every possible void of quietness we might seek. Any time we meditate and free ourselves from mind clutter for even just one second, we have gained from the experience.

Any decrease in mind clutter is an increase in our vibration.

On a practical, earthly level, we want to quiet our minds because it is those extra words spinning around that distract us, pull our energy down, allow us to worry and brood, encourage us to imagine potential negative situations and obsess over relationship details, and cause us to self-doubt … What if all that energy was put to a better use?



On a spiritual plane, we want to quiet our minds because it is in those moments of quiet when we are able to better receive guidance and answers to our questions and to feel supported and loved by God and the universe.

Worrying versus feeling loved and supported = lowering our vibration versus raising our vibration.

Handling the Voices

There are many techniques for training ourselves to minimize mind clutter. We are all different - try these, or create your own process until you find the right fit.

1. Acknowledge that mind clutter is part of the “ego,” and then put it aside. This can mean a.) putting it in a box and “depositing” it aside from your mind’s eye, b.) thanking it for its presence but also stating it is not needed at this time, or c.) intending to stay in your higher self and simply allowing the ego to fall away.

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Caroline A. Shearer
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