Mother's Day
Dave Iverson profiles a man in Nova Scotia who underwent a procedure to help stave off the effects of his Parkinson's Disease, enabling him to live a normal life for longer.
Inspiring Mother's Day Quotes
Mother and daughter talking
Celebrate Mother's Day with these inspirational quotes about mothers.

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Incredible Mothers of the Bible
Here are 10 AMAZING mothers that lived during Biblical times.

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Things We Forget to Thank Our Moms For
Moms give us advice, make us feel better, give us magical hugs that make everything better when the world feels like it's crumbling down. Here are 12 things that you'll want to thank your mom for.

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Mother's Day Movies
Mothers Day Movies
Celebrate Mother’s Day with these must see movies with mom in mind.

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20 Scriptures Celebrating Mother's Day
Son handing a flower bouquet to his mother
Here is to Mom! A look at 20 verses from Proverbs 31 to celebrate all that you do.

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When Mother's Day is Hard
Pink tulips in a vase on a windowsill
There is a silent, mostly forgotten group of people--consisting of our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and even family members. They have in common a secret: Mother's Day is a terrible time for them.

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Mother's Day Prayers
Here's a beautiful collection of Mother's Day prayers to honor the mother in your life.

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