Share your inspiring motherhood experience

Just in time for the special day, Beliefnet members share their thoughts on what motherhood means to them.

Talking to Angeline
"The other day, right after her nap I brought my 10 month old daughter outside. It was a perfect day - the sky was clear and there was a soft breeze blowing. We sat on our front lawn and I picked a dandelion for her.

I cannot tell you what peace I experienced in that moment. She clutched the little dandelion so tightly in her hand...I really felt sorry for the little weed. She examined it so closely, pulling at its golden petals, shifting it from hand to hand, holding it high above her head. We didn't talk. We listened, to the birds, the breeze, and the dandelion."

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"My son's presence has changed my life for the good in so many ways since his birth (seven years ago). I look more closely at this world, its dangers, its beauties, its blessings. I look more closely at my own behavior and what it tells him. He is the greatest blessing of my life, no question."

"I rely on prayer and meditation to keep me going, to do what is necessary for his spiritual, physical and mental well-being. With my prayers I truly hope he grows up to be strong, healthy and a wise man who can and will make a difference in the world--for the better. In this way my birth into motherhood has been and continues to be a spiritual experience."


"I started labor as an atheist and ended labor believing in God! My son is nine years old and still the largest blessing in my life."

"Having a child is the greatest blessing I have ever received. Not only was it a blessing having my son, it was a savior. Before I had gotten pregnant, I was heavily into drugs. When I found out I was pregnant, I had stopped everything. From that day on, I had prayed everyday that my child not be harmed from the drugs and me. By the time I had my son, the feeling of wanting to get high had faded. Not to mention I had a perfectly healthy baby. He was 8lbs and 10oz. To this day, I know God was looking out for me. If I had never gotten pregnant, I will still be getting high or be dead. I have been blessed. Having my son has given me every reason to love, live, and be happy. And I want to give my son the best mommy."

Share your inspiring motherhood experience

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