8 Ways to Recognize Archangel Michael

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You Hear a Voice You Can't Ignore

Ways to Recognize Archangel Michael

Of all the angels, Michael has the loudest and clearest voice. He’s definitely the easier Divine messenger to hear. He also has a distinctively blunt speaking style. He gets right to the point, but always with love and a sense of humor.

In a crisis, his pitch and tone are similar to a surgeon demanding a scalpel from a nurse. He’s not trying to be bossy or bark orders at us; rather, he just wants to get our attention and put us into action mode. The archangel always sounds loving and compassionate while he’s commanding us to take lifesaving action.

If Michael needs to get our attention in a hurry, his voice booms with unmistakable clarity. Yet, he can also be soft-spoken when it’s called for.

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