'The Angels Want to Help You'

How can a skeptic learn to embrace angels? Plus, how to call on Archangel Michael for protection against negative energy.

At a young age

Doreen Virtue

was clairvoyant, capable of seeing angels and other metaphysical beings.  While her parents didn't encourage or discourage her psychic ability, she became a loner after being terribly teased by her peers. For years, Doreen rebuffed any contact from angels until she had a life-changing experience in 1995. Her newest book,

Angels 101


, is a guide for beginners who want to learn how to contact their heavenly helpers. She is currently on a "

Goddesses and Angels

" tour teaching about the "power of the angelic realm."

Listen to Doreen Virtue:
  • Doreen Virtue's Turning Point
  • Calling on Archangel Michael
  • What Does Michael Look Like?
  • Doreen Virtue's Favorite Prayer

    What was the turning point that made you publicly embrace angels?

    I wanted to help people, so I became a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders. But all this time, the angels were telling me that I was really supposed to be teaching about spiritual healing. I kept arguing, "No, no, no."

    Then, on July 15, 1995, came the turning point. I was getting ready to go to a church in Anaheim, when I heard this loud, male voice at my right ear say, "You better put the top up on your car or it will be stolen." At the time, I was driving a convertible. I said to the angels, "I don't have time," and the angels didn't really argue.
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    Interview by Sherry Huang
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