Hard to Be an Atheist

Nonbelievers struggle to find their own ways to respond to 9/11, and to promote a non-religious patriotism.

Inundated With God

"The attack on America has brought out America's religious colors. The result is that it's true what they say. God is everywhere. On our billboards, in our newspapers, on TV. In fact, the way President Bush presents it, God is even a confirmed and universally accepted entity. The message of Americanism today is: you're not completely patriotic unless you sing 'God bless America.'

"The national religious fervor may stir up the American spirit, but it also leaves the Atheist and the Freethinker way out in the cold. The non believer is inundated with god in everything we see and hear. We, as a society, react with horror to stories of racial hatred towards Arab Americans. But no one seems to care how the Atheist feels. Non-believers are just as moritified and angry about senseless terrorism and genocide. But the nationwide turn to the supernatural is, in effect, a collective and official repudiation of Atheistic values and the non-believers' rights as American citizens. It seems to confirm a statement once made by former President Bush: "I don't consider Atheists to be American citizens."


"Must non believers retrench into foxholes until Americans rediscover their senses? Is there anybody out there who's willing to publically account for the nonbeliever's response to the terror attacks, and the value of a godless contribution to America? Atheists and Freethinkers are just as much Americans as everybody else. We're not out to tear down America's ethical and moral foundation. No matter how religious this country wants to be, all we want is an America driven by logic and rational thought."



Too Much 'God Bless America'?

"Anyone else tired of seeing 'GOD BLESS AMERICA' all over the place? I wish people would stick to 'America the Beautiful' or something similar. If there were a God, he/she/it certainly DIDN'T bless us!"

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