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Interfaith Issues
Mainline Protestants: Anti-Israel, Pro-PLO
The statement issued by their recent 'Ecumenical Delegation to Jerusalem' is unwaveringly hostile to the State of Israel.
by Elliott Abrams

The Moral State of Western Religions
A wave of anti-Semitic violence since the Mideast conflict erupted in September casts a pall on Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
By Rabbi Irving Greenberg

Dance of the Moon and the Sun
As Ramadan makes a rare appearance during December holiday season, let's share the light of this special time of year.
by Rodger Kamenetz

Kvetching Around the Christmas Tree: Her Side
An interfaith couple struggle with their first Christmas under the same roof.
by Heidi Rehak

Kvetching Around the Christmas Tree: His Side
An interfaith couple struggles with their first Christmas under the same roof.
by Howard Lovy

Handling the Holidays in a Two-Faith Family
Raising kids in one religion is possible in our interfaith household
by Sally Stich

Debating the Holocaust Pope

  • Pius XII Was No Nazi:Far from being 'Hitler's Pope,' Pius XII was a heroic defender of Jews during World War II. Why is this good man being defamed? By Ralph McInerny
  • Power and the Papacy During the Holocaust: The book 'Hitler's Pope' argues that Pius XII cared more about consolidating power than saving the Jews. By James Carroll

    A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity
    A diverse group of Jewish scholars and leaders calls on Jews to reevaluate their attitudes toward Christians

    Judaism Meets Christianity for the First Time--Again
    A veteran of interfaith dialogue talks about what led to a historic statement on Jewish-Christian relations
    by Irving Greenberg

    Yesterday's News
    The statement on Jews and Christians ignores the main point of contention--owning up to Christians' failure during the Holocaust
    by Arthur Hertzberg

    A Silence That Speaks Volumes
    An 11-volume Vatican-sponsored report on Catholics and the Holocaust fails to mention Poland.
    by Arthur Hertzberg

    Steps Toward Reconciliation?
    The pope is moving in the right direction, but his record--and that of the Church as a whole--is still spotty
    by Michael Lerner

    Deception and Truth
    Christian missionaries dupe Jewish newspapers with an ad for a movie called "The Rabbi"
    by Jonathan Tobin

    Time for a Time-out
    The past year has been a bad one for evangelical-Jewish relations. Will the next be better?
    by Elliott Abrams

    Bad Diplomacy
    Jewish adulation of the pope's visit to Israel serves only to make Catholic leaders happy--and does a disservice to the truth
    by Arthur Hertzberg

    Stop Bashing the Pope
    Why John Paul II's papacy has been good for the Jews
    by Elliott Abrams

    Not By Belief Alone
    Unlike Christianity, Judaism cannot be defined by a set of beliefs
    by Rabbi David Wolpe

    Remembering Chaplain O'Connor
    As a military chaplain, Cardinal O'Connor learned to minister to all God's children, regardless of their faith or lifestyle
    By Arthur Hertzberg

    Why Jews Don't Accept Jesus
    An answer to Christian missionaries
    by David Wolpe

    Interfaith Grief
    How should mixed-religion families cope with death?
    By David Wolpe

    Intermarriage: A View From the Bimah
    The statistics can come to life during an interfaith bar or bat mitzvah
    by Elliott Abrams

    Jewish Identity
    African American and Orthodox Jewish
    Black converts to Orthodox Judaism discuss what drew them to their new faith and the challenges they face from both communities.
    5/10/01 by Debra Goldberg

    We Are All Joseph Lieberman
    Observant Jews are in the public eye these days, and our every word and deed impacts how others view traditional Judaism.
    By Rabbi Avi Shafran

    Bucking the Trend
    As intergroup relations worsen in the Jewish world, campus Hillels bring Jews from all backgrounds together in one community.
    By Monique Parsons

    Can Shul Be Cool?
    The synagogue, once dismissed as irrelevant, attempts a comeback for everyone from the fervently pious to the atheist humanist
    by Howard Lovy

    Orthodox, Feminist, and Proud of It
    Judaism's Orthodox feminist movement has succeeded in opening doors for women committed both to Jewish law and gender equality
    by Blu Greenberg

    The Death of Secular Judaism
    Religious Judaism has triumphed over secularism, setting the tone for many of today's Jew-on-Jew conflicts. 11/29/00
    By Samuel G. Freedman

    Rediscovering Judaism
    What my 2-year-old taught me about Judaism.
    by Charles Lane

    The Myth of Solidarity
    Why internal divisions will not doom Judaism
    by David Wolpe

    Creating an Orthodox Judaism That Matters
    It's time for an outward-looking renewal in Orthodox Judaism
    2/21/00 by Yosef Kanefsky

    Finding Common Ground
    Amidst growing Jewish discord, one group seeks mutual respect
    By Michael Kress

    Are Jews Chosen?
    Ask the rabbi
    by Rabbi David Wolpe

    Reform Judaism Approves Same-Sex Unions
    Read the resolution approved by the movement's rabbinic body

    Consequences Unclear
    Reform Judaism's gay marriage can be a success, like feminism, or a failure, like patrilineal descent
    by Samuel G. Freedman

    A Historic Day
    A blessing to have taken part in a groundbreaking decision
    by Jane Rachel Litman

    A Sad Day for Judaism
    OKing gay marriage ignores Jewish law and will divide Judaism
    by Elliott Abrams

    Jewish Genes
    It is time to rethink our understanding of how Judaism is passed from one generation to the next
    by Rodger Kamenetz

    If You Can't Find It, Create It
    Turning shuls into spiritual homes
    By Rabbi Sidney Schwarz

    Changing the Face of American Judaism
    Jews adopting nonwhite babies
    By Debra Nussbaum Cohen

    Whither American Zionism?
    The bombing of a Conservative synagogue, allegedly by Orthodox vandals, is the latest wedge between Israeli and American Jews
    9/22/00 by Samuel G. Freedman

    Intermarriage: A View From the Bimah
    The statistics can come to life during an interfaith bar or bat mitzvah
    by Elliott Abrams

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