Quiz: Are You In the Purim Spirit?

On Purim, many people party (read: drink) until they can't differentiate between blessing the hero Mordecai and cursing the villain Haman. Are you one of them? If you can answer the questions below with ease--or without clicking the underlined hints--you're a little too clear-headed.
Q1. Why was King Ahasuerus angry at Queen Vashti?
1. Because she was cheating on him
2. Because she was putting too much emphasis on her career
3. Because she was a bad cook
4. Because she refused to appear at his party
Q2. How many times is God's name mentioned in the Scroll of Esther?
1. Never
2. 18 times
3. 24 times
4. More than 100 times
Q3. Which of the following is NOT a Purim custom?
1. Sending food baskets to friends
2. Dressing in costume
3. Lighting candles
4. Giving charity
Q4. What does the name Purim refer to?
1. The lots drawn to decide what day to kill the Jews
2. The city in which the story took place
3. The custom of reading the Scroll of Esther
4. The code name of the plot to kill Haman
Q5. What other name is used for Esther in the Scroll of Esther?
1. Judith
2. Hadassah
3. Shoshanna
4. Tamar
Q6. Why didn't Esther tell the king she was Jewish?
1. She didn't want him to know it was an intermarriage
2. She was thinking of converting
3. Mordecai told her not to
4. She knew Haman didn't like Jews
Q7. Who were the two chamberlains who threatened to kill Ahasuerus?
1. Azriel and Gargamel
2. Bigthan and Teresh
3. Jair and Kish
4. Shaashgaz and Hegai
Q8. What was the name of Haman's wife?
1. Hagar
2. Sarah
3. Zeresh
4. Shushan
Q9. Who was hanged along with Haman?
1. His henchmen
2. The king
3. The army generals
4. His sons
Q10. How many provinces did Ahasuerus rule over?
1. 25
2. 127
3. 330
4. 42


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