Quiz: Jewish Athletes

Let's face it--Jews are not generally known for their heroics in the sports arena. But there have been a bunch of notable exceptions. The new documentary "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg," celebrates one of America's best Jewish baseball players. And others who couldn't compete themselves participated in whatever way they could--as coaches, team owners, or league commissioners. Can you match the following sports figures with the sports they were associated with?
Q1. David Stern
1. Baseball
2. Chess
3. Basketball
4. Swimming
5. Hockey
Q2. Sandy Koufax
1. Volleyball
2. Baseball
3. Football
4. Wrestling
5. Boxing
Q3. Mark Spitz
1. Track
2. Basketball
3. Wrestling
4. Football
5. Swimming
Q4. Bill Goldberg
1. Hockey
2. Boxing
3. Football
4. Wrestling
5. Golf
Q5. Leon Hess
1. Football
2. Baseball
3. Track
4. Hockey
5. Billiards

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