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Culture & Jewish Life
Under the Joy, Dark Notes
Avivah Zornberg's latest give us a layered reading of Exodus
By Sarah Blustain

Southern Jews, Rediscovered
New histories of Southern Jews close a troubling identity gap.
by Lauren F. Winner

A Novel Kabbalist
A talk with Mitchell Chefitz, author of a novel about kabbalists and kabbalistic themes.
by Rodger Kamenetz



African American and Orthodox Jewish
Black converts to Orthodox Judaism discuss what drew them to their new faith and the challenges they face from both communities.
by Debra Goldberg

Take a Chant on Me
Or, how siddha-yoga chanting enhances my Jewishness.

By Jill Maxi Schreibman

Communal Culpability
Accusations of abuse against a youth leader raise disturbing questions about why--and how--a community could look the other way.

by Blu Greenberg

Raising Mensches
Two new books will help parents teach their kids about Shabbat, honoring their parents, and other matters Jewish.

by Vanessa Ochs

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