12 Steps to Recover from Any Addiction


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Buddhism and Addiction Recovery

By Darren Littlejohn

From the Buddhist perspective of attachment, we're all addicted to something. On some level, we are attached to what we think will make us happy and we have aversion to what will cause us suffering. The 12 Steps (originally from Alcoholics Anonymous) are a powerful set of tools to create recovery from any addiction. The wisdom of the 12 Steps can enlighten anyone—if we understand their essential principles. Check out the following 12 steps as tools to begin the journey to freedom from any addiction.

12 Steps to Recover from Any Addiction: Step 1...


Darren Littlejohn is a recovering addict and a practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. He is the author of "The 12 Step Buddhist: Enhance Recovery from Any Addiction" .

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