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Mental illness reaches far and wide, ultimately touching virtually every family at some point. There's no escaping the fact that... read more »
Here are seven simple ways to support loved ones who are experiencing depression. read more »
Even in the worst circumstances, light paves the way through the darkest of shadows. We only need to to know where to look to... read more »
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Depression Help

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Screen Time May Affect Social Interaction Skills in Children
September 2014

Television, smart phones, I pads and more offer continual opportunity for entertainment, information, and distraction. This excess screen time in teens has been linked to some health and behavior issues and researchers from California found that screen time may also impact social skills.

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Nuts Associate with Lower Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes
August 2014

Power Toothbrushes May Be More Effective Cleaners Than Manual Brushes
August 2014

Shoe Insoles Do Not Appear to Treat or Prevent Low Back Pain
July 2014

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