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Judges' Award Winner: 'Wall-E'


Beliefnet Film Awards Judges' Award"Wall-E"--both the animated movie and the waste-collecting robot who is the title character--has found a permanent home in the hearts of moviegoers everywhere and will inevitably do so for years to come. Wall-E is charged with cleaning up the planet after it's become uninhabitable for human life--or any life--due to pollution, the result of our failure to be the earth's stewards. BFA judge Patton Dodd calls the movie, which was directed by Andrew Stanton, the "hands-down film of the year—and a brilliant story of the triumph of the human spirit (even if that spirit was robotic)."

VFA judge Sr. Rose Pacatte says it's "Disney's best film ever in terms of its themes of the consequences of soulless consumerism and the need--the hunger for truth, beauty, and goodness that we all share. 'Care for the earth' is a spiritual and moral imperative--the same imperative." She continues, "If humanity is to survive, it behooves us to discover the freshness of our souls. Spirituality is living our beliefs in relationship with God and others. The word God was not present, but the reality was in Wall-E."

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