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Power is the ability to act. When you give your power away, what you essentially do is take the reference point off you and put it out there to the thing that you give your power to. Now this is significant because in order to be powerful, you need to have the ability to make choices that come from Your Will, (not somebody else’s Will) and to activate these choices if you so desire which is what power is. So a pertinent question now that you are an adult is, “Do you have the ability to make choices that come from your Will and to activate these choices if you so desire?”

If not, then who has your power? Is it your boss? Or is it your partner, your lover, or spouse?  Does fear have your power? Or have you given your power to social mores or institutions such as the government, a religion or a philosophy? Do doctors or lawyers have your power?  Or is it spiritual leaders such as rabbis, priests, ministers or gurus? Do you give it to controlling and domineering people? Have you given it to comfort foods, alcohol, drugs or other forms of escape? Have you given it to taking care of everyone else? Or, do you let people who are unhappy drain and suck your energy? Have you given your power away to money or time, the scarcity or lack of it?

You see, the problem stems from the fact that many times as children, we were given very twisted and warped definitions of power. We were told that you cannot have your reference point as you because that’s selfish. That’s egotistical. That’s bad. You need to care for and love and serve others. Don’t think of yourself or nobody is going to like you. We were told things like, “Oh, that person is powerful.” But when we looked at that person, what we saw was one dominating, controlling,  “blankety blank.”  So we concluded that to be powerful you had to be tough and strong, and have power over, and boss people around, and we didn’t want to be one of those so we shied away from our power.

For you to step into your power, you must take your power back from those warped and twisted definitions of power. You’ve had power to just give away and you need to take it back from all the authorities to whom you have given it to.

Below is a powerful technique given by a group of non-physical beings that I am friends with called Galexis:

  1. In your mind, see the person or thing out there that you are giving energy to. If it’s a thing, then personify it.
  2. Imagine the power as a ball of light and mentally reach out and grab the power from them and bring it back into you. 
  3. While doing this, take a big in breath while saying, “Power that I gave to you, return to Me. Power Return to Me.” Repeat this three times. 
  4. Now, sense yourself as being really large, about 15-20 feet and see yourself looking down at this person. You’ve gotten bigger because you took your power back. Notice that they are not as solid or as vibrant because all their intensity of power was your energy.
  5. In your mind, thank them for showing you where you gave your power away and for the opportunity to take it back. 
  6. Then forgive them.
  7. And lastly, forgive yourself for giving your power away to them.

You are never powerless because you have choice at every point. You’ve even had the power to make choices to be powerless. Why not make a choice now to be powerful? Why not use your power to bring your reference point back to you, to claim your strengths, your abilities, your gifts and your talents?  If you will own your power, you will find that you can change anything. 

Suzane HosangSuzanne Hosang lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. She is an author and intuitive healer who has her own healing practice. Visit www.suzannehosang.com to learn more about her book, An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Vol. 1 and sign up for a free copy of Chapter One.



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