Drug Supplements

On the market, there are different kinds of drug supplements which could help to relieve the symptoms of menopause. But, because there is a variety of products, you might need a recommendation and advice from your doctor to help make that decision easier for you. Profemin is a product which has proven as a beneficial supplement in cases where it has been included to go through the symptoms of menopause.

Are there any menopause treatments?

A common question is if any menopause treatments could be performed. And the answer is yes! These treatments are recommended for women who find the symptoms unbearable, even after they have made changes in their diet. A common menopause treatment is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). There are two types of HRT – combined HRT (which includes estrogen and progesterone) and estrogen-only HRT. Although these treatments have been proven as beneficial regarding menopause symptoms, it is important to get informed about the expected benefits, as well as, the potential side effects and risks.

Menopause Treatments that Work 


Your menopausal symptoms could be put under control and make your life easier. You just need to make some changes in your diet and watch how your daily lives improves.