Winter is gone. Spring is here. Summer is on the horizon! Many of us won't lament that the cold is gone. The warmth of the air enhances the senses and visually nature is putting on a wonderful show. Many people will become more active by running, taking longer walks and having picnics. Just as the seasons in nature change, the seasons of our lives change. You land new jobs and lose opportunities. You will gain and shred pounds and you may discover a new relationship or lose one. Change is inevitable with any aspect of your life. Instantly your security may turn into a shell game. A change of season can make angry, depressed or make you feel a surge of happy emotions. Boy, nothing remains the same, does it? Since we can't escape the change of the weather or the change the season in our lives, let's learn how we can adapt to change.

Expect that change is imminent.

In order to keep moving forward, give yourself a little talk. Although this will take time, drill it in your head that change is part of life. Practice making this statement, if you are terrified of change. One we can sort of master this, we can design a more effective management strategy to implement. Look at it life being a really long novel, author Dr. Ann Gatty wrote. "Your life can be viewed as a succession of chapters, each with its own theme and characteristics. Enjoy the journey and view changes in each chapter as an opportunity for self-improvement and growth."

Be less critical.

If your first reaction is to be self-deprecating, it’s time to change as you need to proud of what you’ve done. We tend to internalize bad things when they happen. People will say unkind things or circumstances might be surreal in general. We get into more of a problem when self-doubt comes and we accept these false and misleading voices. It’s time that you begin to trust when you make any transitions. You have the power to do it. Offer yourself a mental pat on the back and honor yourself today by being less critical. 

Hang out with uplifting people.

Find people to lift you up and support you. When we are going through a change we need to connect with people who have been through rough patches. Ask them to share their wisdom and advice on how to tackle the situation. Find a trusted a colleague who will be an encouragement to you and see things more objectively. Everyone needs a support system to help them and to stand by their side, especially during times of change.

Take a step back.

Sit tight and move forward slowly as you process change big or small. Change is one of the hardest sensations to harness and to get under control when the season of life comes knocking. When your world is dictating that there is little optimism--we need to take a step back and reassess the situation. If it is new work duties or a decision that is not in our favor, harness the feeling of panic and take a breath. Walk away from the situation before being reactive. "When we make a simple shift in mentality, however, we can empower the beginning of personal growth," author and speaker Steve Gilliland explained.

Set new goals.

Giving yourself a goal that will reinspire you and give you a sense of purpose. Setting goals encourages to have something to look forward to. Don't set your goals too high as it can be overwhelming. For instance, remember when you have tried to save for a vacation? You took a certain amount of money out of your earnings to build a cash flow. When you looked initially at getting a vacation, it looked like there would be no way even chipping away at the balance.
However, by breaking it down by let's say per paycheck, it didn't feel as challenging.

Tame the dragon of fear.

You really noticed that fear came at you something fierce when you smelled change coming near. There are big fears like a monetary loss or the subtle fears that you will sleep through your alarm in the morning. Fear is a dragon that must be slain. What happens is we become stagnant and even paralyzed in our lives when we yield to its control. Ultimately, if we allow fear to live in our lives, we might never experience the good that comes with change.

Find hope again.

When we are ready or even forced to take on change, we don't have to be happy about it. We are not telling you not to smile or lighten up a bit, but it's fine to feel your feelings. The difference is remaining stuck in hopelessness longer than you need to be in it. Find something that will make you happy and allow it to become your bridge to moving forward. "The simplest way to foster hope is to examine the goals that emerge from our desires and ambitions," writer Stanley J. Gross, Ed.D wrote in his Psych Central column. Make sure that these goals are concise and fun to reach. Taking action will also help you feel more in control over your life.

Learn to accept and adapt to change. Change can make or break your spirit. Don't allow it to do this. Change your mindset and recognize that it is a cross we all have to carry. What separates us from those who remain stuck, is running away from transitions. "By becoming aware of your mistakes, you are able to move past them and prevent regret from keeping you stuck in the past," writer Alex Blackwell explained. Nothing remains the same for sure, so let's give a big smooch goodbye to the old season of our lives and embrace a new way of living.
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