Life does get a little sweeter as we grow into maturity. We learned a thing or two-- we have some scars, and have become stronger. We can even laugh a louder today, and see our expression lines on our face not as a negative, but a way to celebrate how far we’ve come.

Yes, there are the not so happy things to dwell on as we age, and that doesn’t need to be examined. We can look at waking up each day with provision knowing we have a coat and food on the table.

Singer Faith Hill explained “I don't want to sound like a Hallmark card, but to be able to wake up each day with food and shelter, that alone is good. Forget aging and the fact that my butt is becoming a little more familiar with my knees than my tailbone. If you are six feet above ground it's a good day. So, give me more!”

So here we go! The reasons life gets better as you get older.

1. You can problem solve better and have the emotional capacity to deal with challenges. When we are younger we usually don’t have these tools and can be rather emotional and irrational.

2. You don’t get as distracted when we age. Focusing on important tasks increases as we build up the mindset of not allowing the little distraction to be an issue.

3. We appreciate those more around us in our lives as trivial things and material things don’t matter as much. You also don’t allow people to define you or success.

4. When we’re young we don’t have as much confidence, now none can stop you. You care less of what the critics say, or feel less self-conscience.

5. Decisions can be made better since you have experienced more life. They can be made with more confidence as well. You accepted your body, and are proud of it.

6. Time becomes more important as we grow. You will take steps never taken before and go for the dream instead of putting goals off.

7. You rather get older with no fear. Embrace aging “There's no reason to be afraid of aging, because if you age, you're lucky! The alternative is death,” Actress Drew Barrymore said.

8. You become more specially discerning of people and become stronger in your relationship with God.

9. Older people have fewer allergies.

Prevention reported: “We’re not sure exactly why, but we do see that older people don’t have as many symptoms of seasonal allergies. We tend to outgrow food allergies, as well.”

10. You realize to be yourself and accept yourself more than during your 20s and 30s. The great thing is again, you don’t care if people reject you anymore.

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