How Death Has Changed Us

Bill & Judith Moyers reveal how making "On Our Own Terms" affected their personal views of dying.

Beliefnet Interview


The Grief of the Dying

How to help a dying loved one with feelings of loss.

By Kathleen Dowling Singh


Facing the End: Living with Dying

How to cope with one of life's hardest challenges--a terminal diagnosis.


By Kathleen Dowling Singh

Enlightenment at the End of the Tunnel

Consider a radical proposition: dying as a transcendent spiritual experience.


By Kathleen Dowling Singh

Letting Go

A hospice patient demonstrates the power of forgiveness.


By Father Tom Johnson-Medland

Debunking Hospice Myths

If you think you know what hospice is, you're probably wrong.


By Naomi Naierman

Dying Without Fear

What would happen if we openly faced the fact that life, in all its goodness, includes the reality of death?


By Fran Moreland Johns

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