Joy is in release, so thankfully received,
Joy is in sorry, so sweetly mourned and grieved,
Joy is to be found, you find it through yearning,
Joy is in coming and going, waiting and watching, living and learning.
-Norris Chumley

From "The Joy of Weight Loss: A Spiritual Guide to Easy Fitness" by Norris Chumley:

Joy is a very glad, happy feeling. It's a radiant human emotion you get as a result of receiving pleasure, satisfaction, and comfort. Joy is a blissful experience that happens when everything in your life is fine and you are all right no matter what comes your way.

Joy is also a spiritual condition. Joy happens when you are feeling blessed. It comes when you feel the presence of your Creator, assuring you that you belong and that you're not alone. Joy is when you know you are valued and important to this great universe.

I'm sure you've experienced joy, at least a little. But you deserve a whole lot of joy, on a regular basis. Don't wait until you lose weight in order to find joy. Find and accept it now, and you will lose weight in the process. But first, be aware that you may be holding yourself back.

Each of us has a million different joys inside. It's simply a matter of tapping into them when you need them and creating new, positive habits of letting joy exist.

Starting now, make a constant effort to find joy in everything you do. When you work, see the positive and fruitful aspects of the job-such as the money you are paid, the help you are giving, the importance of your position. When you're taking care of personal business, find joy in getting it done as best you can. When it's time for a meal, take joy in only eating one portion. Feel the power and joy of having just enough. Enjoy the good feeling of eating healthy, fresh, nutritious food that's good for your body and mind. When you are active today, enjoy moving your body and freeing your muscles and joints. Breathe deeply the fresh air and let the rays of sunshine enter your entire being. Look at beautiful nature all around you: trees, flowers, grass, birds, and bugs-they're all gifts from God for us to enjoy.

* * *

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