These studies and others indicate the importance of emotional and spiritual health in maintaining a healthy heart. In addition to exercise, proper nutrition, nutritional supplements, and relaxation techniques, here are a few other tips:

1. Live in the here and now. Let the past go. Put it in its proper context and look at what you've survived. We are not life's victims. Life is a gift that was meant to be enjoyed and we can do that only when we thrive.

2. Forgive yourself and others. Perhaps the most important part of letting go of the past is forgiving. Carrying around toxic memories from our past is very similar to transporting old, rotting garbage in our cars.

3. Develop life-sustaining relationships with yourselfand others and leave the rest behind. Our social support systems mirror the way we truly feel about ourselves. If we are in unhealthy, damaging relationships, something within us is out of order with our highest good. It is best to minimize or terminate those relationships that do not truly honor who we are.

4. Have faith in yourself as a part of a higher power. Regardless of what we may call the Supreme Being, God, Yahweh, Allah, Great Spirit, Jehovah, or any other divine name, that state of awareness brings forth healing in every area of our lives, if we allow it to act on our behalf.

5. Pray in accordance with the pure intents of your heart. The true heart we all possess is a life-giving organ always accessible to our innermost thoughts and desires. Live in that truth.

6. Take time to listen to your inner voice and follow its instructions. Become internally focused rather than externalized. The simple fact is that we only have to release the negative thoughts and constant chatter we create and let the soft inner voice whisper to our willing ears.