Eavesdrop on the conversation below, then weigh in with your own thoughts.

To not suffer one must know God inside. One must know one's Self first and then begin to see the divine basis of Creation first in ones dear ones and then in the world around. Jesus if He was God could not have suffered. That is his example to us and his message to us. Get out of suffering. It is a waste of time.


I would say the opposite. Jesus plainly did suffer, and if we see Jesus as representing the heart of God that means that God suffers too.


Suffering is an abomination and a tradition that doesn't need to be continued. It certainly should not be associated with God. Compassion dictates that we remove the source of suffering which is ignorance.


No one wants suffering for the sake of suffering. That would be silly. But sacrifice for the sake of love is often necessary. I would rather do what is right and suffer for it, than to live without suffering and thereby close my eyes to injustice.


Some suffering is undoubtedly god's design in that it acts as a comet cleanser and has an abrasive action on the ring around the Heart.


Does good result from suffering? Sometimes. But when John the Baptist was beheaded Jesus did not talk about how a great thing will come because of this, or how God will be glorified, he just went out to be alone and cry.


Suffering may not be the best focus for your discussion but compassion.... The word compassion means, "to suffer with" To be compassionate is to be fully immersed in the human condition. That's what God does in Jesus and invites us to do the same....


The first Noble Truth [in Buddhism] can be interpreted as saying that suffering (as we normally think about it) is inevitable. There will always be "the one that got away," or the reality of dealing with death or whatever else causes suffering in your life....

The second Noble Truth then addresses the cause of suffering: impermanence. There is nothing that is permanent or eternal. Obviously, Christians and other theists would disagree, arguing that God is eternal, but that's a different discussion. So, the reason that we suffer is because we want the pleasurable things we experience to last forever, but they don't. We want that buzz from falling in love to never fade, but it inevitably does. We don't want to face the reality that our bodies will cease to function and that we will eventually die, but we do. However, on a more positive note, this also means that suffering is impermanent. That agony of breaking a bone will go away. That hurt from the loss of a loved one will fade. However, it is not any of these experiences that cause us to suffer; it is our mind that does so because we want the good to last forever.


I once heard a person who had returned from a near death experience say that while dead she was taken to a place and shown that we all choose our next life according to what we need to learn to become a better spiritual being. Maybe that means we might choose a life where we may suffer in order to gain the knowledge and understanding that suffering may bring.