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to aid sleep and a sense of grounding.


: For a while now, I have been having moments of unbidden spiritual intensity. It's not really grounded, though I'm also not totally off in outer space either. Between the moments of intense prayer, I feel a deep need for reassurance, human touch, companionship. I don't like the floating-three-feet-off-the-ground feeling I'm experiencing a lot right now. Also, I'm having trouble sleeping. This has been going on for about a week. It seems to me that something very good is happening, but also that I am having some sort of problem "housing" it in my body/mind. I wonder if you have any comments or advice.

A: Yes, I am familiar with that "housing" problem, when you just feel like you're too big for your skin (which I suppose we all are), and you're floating a little more than feels balanced and safe.

I would recommend that you do something daily that is body-based, that entails sensory-intake, and/or physical practice. Of course, this wouldn't be a bad idea for anyone at any time.

For instance, this could mean gardening, playing with the dog, exercising, getting a massage, doing yoga, boogieing to the Four Tops, and here's my favorite: walking barefoot in grass and, when there's no one around to become alarmed at the sight, lying down on the ground and soaking up a little earth energy. (I like to do this in my neighborhood, on a nice sloping lawn that I borrow from a neighbor, usually at about 4:30 a.m. So far, no one has called 911.)

Most likely your body/mind will get used to negotiating this larger supply of energy you seem to be generating, and it will start to accommodate it. The energy will become more coherent and regular, and it won't even feel strange or ungrounded anymore. Remember what your mother used to say: It's just a stage

. Yeah, we adults have them, too.

And here's another thought: This could very well be a stage catalyzed by peri-menopause. It's a perfect description of what can happen with those interesting biochemical swings, including the lack of sleep. It's when a lot of women write books, compose sonatas, and create interesting art. And probably expressing some of that newly released, roiling, creative peri-menopausal energy also serves to ground it. Soooo--got a book in mind?

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to support healing from cancer.


: Do you know of any cases of spontaneous remission with regard to advanced pancreatic cancer?

A: Yes, I do. Not many, but a few. One of them is a man here in Cleveland, named Peter Halbin. He gives talks about it, too. He's started the Greater Cleveland Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and can be reached through the National Coalition at 301-650-8868.

Another organization that can put you in touch with survivors of pancreatic cancer is the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles. They publish a cross-referenced list of survivors of different kinds of cancer and what kinds of complementary therapies they used. You can look up information either by the disease or by the treatment. They are at 213-663-7801.

It's my understanding that some locations of cancer in the pancreas are more likely to go into remission than others.

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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