Excerpted from 'To Hear The Angels Sing' by Dorothy MacLean, published by Findhorn Press.

Yes, I talk with angels, great beings whose lives infuse and create all of nature. In another time and culture, I might have been cloistered in a convent or a temple, or, less pleasantly, burnt at the stake as a witch. In our skeptical time and culture, such a claim is more likely to be met with scoffing disbelief or as the ramblings of a dreamy female.

Being a practical, down-to-earth person, I had never set out to learn to talk with angels, nor had I ever imagined that such contact would be possible or useful. Yet, when this communication began to occur, it did so in a way that I could not dispute.

To learn to talk with angels is really learning to talk with ourselves and with each other in new and profoundly deeper ways.

Concrete proof developed in the Findhorn garden, which became the basis for the development of the Findhorn community. This garden was planted on sand in conditions that offered scant hospitality and encouragement for the growth of anything other than hardy Scottish bushes and grasses requiring little moisture or nourishment. However, through my telepathic contact with the angelic beings, who overlight and direct plant growth, specific instructions and spiritual assistance were given.

The resulting garden, which came to include even tropical varieties of plants, was so astonishing in its growth and vitality that visiting soil experts and horticulturists were unable to find any explanation for it within known methods of organic husbandry, and eventually had to accept the unorthodox interpretation of angelic help.

To learn to talk with angels is really learning to talk with ourselves and with each other in new and profoundly deeper ways. It is learning how to communicate with our universe more openly and how to be more in tune with our role as co-creators and participate in its evolution.

Modern communication has developed marvelously and very quickly in a physical, technological mode, but other deeper and more subtle forms of communication remain untapped. For the future of our world and ourselves, we must now begin to use those deeper forms. It is from my experience of doing this that I want to share my findings with others so that they too can enter into this communication, which is really a communion with the essence and joy and power of life.

To do this is not a matter of technique. I have no easy methods that can teach you to talk with angels or with your deeper self in ten lessons or in two weekends. People in industrial cultures seem to expect and desire instant gratification, but true communication arises out of our own being and from the wholeness of our lives. It is more something that we become over the course of our existence and less something that we learn. What we really communicate is what we are, not so much what we can say in words.

To communicate with angels really requires a particular attitude of wholeness towards life, towards others and towards ourselves. I cannot teach this, but I can show through my own life and experiences what this attitude is and how it developed and expressed itself in me.

I maintain that any of us can talk with angels. The fact that I, with my very human hang-ups and perceptions, learned to do it, means that the path is available for anyone else who is willing to change orthodoxies and explore his or her world in new ways. It requires a joyful enlargement of our view of reality, a readiness to be open to ourselves and our environment, and a conscious movement to embrace our own wholeness.

Excerpted from 'To Hear The Angels Sing' by Dorothy MacLean published by Findhorn Press 1980

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