Nicole’s health was getting worse and worse. Fatigue was wearing her down. Jaundice from the rare liver ailment was starting to show. A transplant was urgently needed but the donor requirements were arduous: same blood type, same sized liver, and the donor had to be “emotionally connected,” a family member. Unfortunately, every candidate interviewed by Nicole’s doctors was disqualified. Her spirits were sagging, and when a friend invited her to a NASCAR event 900 miles from home, in a stadium filled with 125,000 people, she accepted. The excitement of the noisy engines seemed to lift her spirits. She said so to the young man seated next to her. He introduced himself as Jess. Then, just as quickly said, “I know you! I ride in the carpool with your mom everyday to the gold mine.”

Now that was a godwink. He also knew, from talking with her mom, that Nicole was suffering from a serious health issue. They chattied on and on. And when they both got back home, they continued their chats by phone. Soon they were dating, and Jess asked Nicole to marry him. But just before the wedding, the doctors told Nicole she probably only had six months to live. She might also have cancer of the liver. And without a transplant she had little hope. “How about testing me,” said Jess. So they did. He had the right blood type. He had the same sized liver.  And, because they were about to be married, they were surely “emotionally connected.” The wedding took place, and, instead of a honeymoon, Nicole and Jess went into the hospital. The first good news was this: Nicole did not have cancer. And in eight hours doctors reported that both patients, husband and wife, were doing just fine.

Isn’t it comforting to know that you’re always on His GPS? Don’t forget to send me your Godwink Stories. I’m SQuire Rushnell. Good wishes and godwinks.

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