By SQuire Rushnell

Imagine the terror of standing in front of a firing squad. Hoping, praying for a godwink. I’m SQuire Rushnell. Listen to this story.

Twenty-one year old Arnold Hutschnecker couldn’t imagine how he’d gotten into this predicament. His fightened eyes followed the German commander pacing. His breath, in the frigid morning, rising with the smoke of his cigarette.

God…how are you going to help me?” were racing through Arnold’s mind.

“REAAADDY”,  the commander shouted in a mean-spirited tone.

Arnold studied the muzzles of 14 rifles which snapped in unison, raised directly at him and six others. Serious-faced soldiers staring back at him. Seven knelling, seven standing. That meant, two rifles were aimed at each of them. No escape.

“AIM” the enemy leader continued, seeming to enjoy taking his time, like a kid who delighted in pulling the wings from flies and watching them squirm. The commander took a slow drag from his cigarette. His exhale seemed to echo in the crisp morning air. 

In slow motion, he dropped the cigarette to the ground, and swiveled his boot in a crushing motion, with a scraping sound. But over the sound was another.

What was that?

The commander heard it the same moment as Arnold. A distant, purring sound, growing louder. Soon it was identified as a soldier on a motorbike, screeching to a stop, shouting a warning to the commander. “Enemy troops are approaching!”

In German, the firing squad was ordered to “Move out …Quickly.”

As the enemy soldiers scattered…Arnold and the others took a few steps backwards, then ran in the opposite direction.

For the rest of his life, Arnold Hutschnecker told the story of that remarkable godwink, that saved his life in the nick of time!

Arnold Hutschnecker escaped to America, became a prominent doctor, and wrote a bestselling book, The Will To Live. He lived to be 105.

We never know when godwinks will come bursting into our lives at just the right moment saving us from something terrible. A last minute message from above. “Hey kid…I was just thinking about you!” I’m SQuire Rushnell. Wishes &Winks.


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