Tragedy comes into every life. But godwinks are the life-preservers, tossed to you from above, giving you hope.

By SQuire Rushnell

Bethany could hear the taunting words of her classmate, like Lucy in the Charlie Brown cartoons. “You can never wear red, cause you have red hair.”

Sometimes biting words, striking us years before, can have a lingering impact upon us as adults. And on this particular day, Bethany was feeling beaten up, taunted by the forces of nature. She had just lost her baby. A miscarriage.

She also felt very alone. She had told her mother, her best friend, who lived six hours away, “I can handle it.” But down deep, she knew what she needed was a mommy’s hug.

For two days Bethany was in mourning. Feeling crushed. But today, she awoke, thinking of those words uttered to her years ago, as an eleven year old and suddenly, she became defiant.

“I can wear red if I want to!” she shouted out loud.

Quickly Bethany emptied the cookie jar. With just over 20 dollars, she headed for the Target store. Up one aisle and down the other she repeated her defiance. “I can wear red if I want to and I want a pair of red shoes. Yeah. Mary Jane’s.”

Within seconds Bethany turned a corner and there they were! Sitting atop a pile of mark-downs…a pair of shiny bright red Mary Jane shoes! She tried them on. A perfect fit.

She took them off to look at the price. Wow. $21.50. Just what she had. But then Bethany had a godwink that made her squeal with joy. The designer name imprinted on the inside of the shoe was Bethany. Her own name.

With that godwink, Bethany iterally skipped to the check out counter!

Bethany and Jamie Skillen are now the parents of two beautiful boys. They live in Wisconsin.

When you allow them to, Godwinks will lift your spirits, just the same as Bethany. Remember, Godwinks are messages of comfort from above, directly to you: Saying, “Hey kid. I’m thinking of you. Right. now.” Have you had a Gdwk today? Love to hear it. I’m SQuire Rushnell…Good Wishes & Godwinks.

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