Alice had given up on men. In fact, this is what she said: “If you want me to be married, Lord, you pick him out. So far my choices stink.”

Shortly after surrendering the matter to her maker, Alice encountered a man with “beautiful golden eyes.” His name was Jack. They talked and talked, until, like Cinderella, Alice exclaimed, “I have to go. I’m driving eight hours to a wedding tomorrow in Victoria, Texas!” Jack said, “What a coincidence, I’m going to a wedding in Victoria, my cousin’s marrying a doctor." "My cousin IS a doctor," said Alice. So…what to do in a situation like that? You save on gas. They drove to Victoria together. And believe me, there wasn’t a moment of dead air. At the wedding they danced and danced. And when Jack kissed her goodnight, Alice said “My toes curled.” The next morning Alice met her favorite Uncle Charlie for breakfast. “I’ve met the man I’m going to marry,” she told him. “What’s his name,” asked Uncle Charlie. “Jack…Jack Totah.” “Totah?” replied Uncle Charlie, “I wonder if he’s related to Nabeeb Totah” At that moment, Jack entered the room. “Nabeeb is my uncle,” said Jack. Uncle Charlie said, “Why don’t you sit down. When I was a young man, coming to America on a ship, I was filled with uncertainty. I met a young man named Nabeeb who felt the same way. We become instant best friends. But when the ship docked, we were separated…I’ve always wondered what happened to my old friend Nabeeb.”

Well, one year later, there was another wedding. Alice and Jack’s. And there, sitting in the front row were two old friends, reunited after 50 years, Uncle Charlie and Uncle Nabeeb.

If you’re wondering if perfect love is somewhere out there for you, remember that before a godwink led Alice to Jack, she surrendered the whole matter of finding a man to the man upstairs. I’m SQuire Rushnell, Good wishes and godwinks.

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