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Dr. Louis Graber wondered if he had time to hear one more lecture at the Milwaukee conference and still make it back for duty in Omaha. He doubtfully looked at his watch. Meanwhile, in Omaha, it was a sweltering day. Eric Fellman, a college student, was working a summer job driving a contraption to spray weeds along miles of lonely railroad track. Suddenly the machine shut down.

“It must be that darn starter cable,” he said, climbing down from the machine, slipping underneath.

Then the unimaginable happened! The machine lurched. Eric was crushed. Someone at a railroad crossing spotted him in trouble and called 911. He got to the hospital, but before they could figure out what else could go wrong, something else went wrong. Eric’s liver burst. In most cases, a ruptured liver is fatal, it is very difficult to suture. But God had determined that this was not Eric’s time to go. At that moment, an extraordinary Godwink Link entered the room. Someone who was an unwitting messenger of a godwink to Eric. It was Dr. Louis Graber, just back from Milwaukee. And in case you’re wondering, he did take in that last lecture. It was about a new procedure—on treating a ruptured liver. In seconds, Dr Graber deftly followed his newly learned instructions, and Eric’s liver was repaired! Is that a godwink or what?

Eric and Joy were married the following year. Today, Eric works with the National Prayer Breakfast

A Godwink Link is someone who unknowingly delivers a godwink to someone else. God uses each of us as Godwink Links…and we rarely realize that we are being used to deliver joy to someone else. Do you have stories about that? Send ‘em along. I’m SQuire Rushnell. Good wishes and godwinks.

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